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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 05 | February 05, 2012 |


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Feed Board

Proud to be a fresher!

Thank you so much Star Campus for writing an article addressing entirely to the freshers. I have to admit that the freshers' experience can be exhilarating, but it can be pretty scary too. We stay in a bubble once we are in high school, but university is the first step towards the “real” life. Until high school, we are all excited and hyped about the “real” life, but once we start classes in universities, we realise that we have to make our own decisions. Our parents and teachers are no longer there to spoon feed us. We become adults. I am really glad that Star Campus decided to give us guidelines on how to survive the freshman year. There should be articles on how to deal with fees and course registration too.

Mushfiq-ur Rahman
BRAC University,

Students with the marginalised

Courtesy: Mukib Mosleh

The other day, when I was going to the public library, I saw some slum kids who were selling books to passer-bys. When I asked their name; one of them said “Bhaiya, did you publish our photo in newspaper? My photo has been published in many newspapers several times. Many people like you come to us. They gather information and listen to our stories and capture our photos. Everyone writes about us but our lives remain unchanged. Without any job we cannot have enough money to buy food. We reside in the store house of our owners." I felt really helpless after hearing them. My suggestion is that, the youth should come forward and take initiatives to help them more often.

Bipul K Debnath
Dhaka College, Dhaka.

Campus violence

Students being active!

The issue on campus violence is expected to raise the concern of campus violence and its effect on the academic lives of the students. Simultaneously, inspiring events like the success of the IBA debaters in a foreign land or the celebration of new year by some students of Comilla University in a very unique manner by distributing winter clothes among the not so fortunate ones there, are bound to encourage youths out there. I personally think that if the fresh blood of our country can be engaged in such extra curricular and voluntary activities in a greater number, our dream of a better Bangladesh will be achieved.

K M Mohiuddin Ekram
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), Khulna.


Spreading Information

By reading the Star Campus, we get to know many valuable things about education and issues in the education sector. The article on violence on campus (published on January 22), which described problems on campus and how students face many problems in educational institutions, was very informative. Through ''DID YOU KNOW?'' we find out about histories of famous persons in the world. It is great that the Star Campus publishes articles on education related programmes and students social welfare organisations. Star Campus is doing a good job in raising awareness among students regarding how to be more careful and sensitive about education and knowledge.

Government Science College, Dhaka.


The article “The Chronicles of Student Politics: the current scenario” published in the Star Campus on 22nd January highlights the sorry and despicable state of student politics in Bangladesh. Violence on campus and disruptive student politics is a prime factor for students to pursue their higher education at public and private universities. Student politics should provide a platform for future leaders to nurture themselves. The death of Zubair Rahman and the ensuing protests and ruckus at Jahangirnagar University and elsewhere brought it to national attention. But despite all this news and media coverage it will eventually become a thing of the past and nothing will be done to change its violent and disruptive nature. There needs to be a fundamental and ideological level change in the way student politics is conducted in Bangladesh to bring about a positive change and reinstate the dignity of student politics.

Sumaer Hussain
Mastermind School (graduate),

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