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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 05 | February 05, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

Strolling Down
'Aziz Super Market'

Salman Rob
Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Tee-shirts are a must and should always be in students' wardrobes. Not only is it something easy to wear, it comes with a lot of colours and designs as well. And if you are looking for well designed tee-shits, 'Aziz Super Market' is the place to be in.

The place is filled with stores run by university students or young entrepreneurs. So it is always nice to see some of us are actually trying to do something different in our fashion scene. While shopping in Aziz Super Market you will notice how most of the stores have a common trend of making 'Icon' related tees, --great musicians, poets, philosopher and many more. Eric Clapton, Bob Dylon, Jimi Hendrix, Shah Abdul Karim and Lalon Shah are the common faces that are seen in most of the stores.

Fun Tee shirts for students!

Joy Shahriyar, a young entrepreneur, the owner of the stores 'Shopnobaaj' and 'Tekka' in Aziz super market, says, 'We have a lot of segments of t-shirts all around the year. We have tee-shirts that we make for different occasions like Valentines Day, May Day, Mother Language Day, Victory Day and many more. The icon related tee-shirts are very popular and we always make sure they are available because through this we are letting the youth know who these people were. We also have tee-shirts about Bangladesh, about the monumental places and the history behind this nation. Since we get a lot of foreign customers, tee-shirts about Bangladesh, does create an awareness of how beautiful this nation is," concludes Shariyar.

Now, so far all the segments sounded pretty intense and intellectual but that's not it, Aziz Super Market a lot more to offer than you can know. There are also a lot of fun and humorous tee-shirts with jokes and cartoon characters like Batman, Superman and even Charlie Chaplin. The price range is quite the same through out all the stores. The tee-shirts are all within the range of Tk180 to Tk300.

A great feature about Aziz Super Market is that every year they host at least one or two tee-shirt festivals where they show case some amazing collectios. And the next one is right around the corner, starting off on February 12, 2012. So if you are worried your wardrobe is falling short of tee-shirts, you know what to do. Get yourself ready for a day that you will end up reliving every few months, a day at the Aziz Super Market.


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