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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 06 | February 12, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Insights Animated!

Film Maker Nayeem Mahbub
Talks to
Promiti Prova Chowdhury

Courtesy: Nayeem Mahbub

I did my O'levels from Sunbeams School. After finishing O'levels, I applied for the 'IB Programme' that is offered at Mahindra United World College of India. I went there on a full scholarship. The college was located at a rural area of Pune. During those two years I was highly involved with extra-curricular activities alongside studies. As it was in a rural area there were plenty of opportunities to do community work. For example, there was a local orphanage called Paud Children's Home wher my friends and I worked. We arranged fairs and bonded with the kids. We also took part in the construction of a local school building.

In the year 2003, I went to Oberlin College of the United States. During the first two years I went through a bit of a dilemma to decide my major. But then majored in two subjects--Cinema and History. Though they are not related intricately but I was interested in both of them. Funny thing is that I never had the determination to study Cinema before. I went to Oberlin to study subjects more related to science. But eventually I found out that I am more of a creative person. I could not find the charm of learning while attending the Economics classes. I was always involved with creative extra-curriculars and community services in Oberlin as well. In the mean time I took the course 'Introductory Cinema 101'. I found the course really interesting. Beside that I had classes on South Asian Colonial History. I had some knack for music as well. While taking the music classes I came across a Video Production course. All these courses clicked with me and I thought of connecting them.

The student bodies were quite active in Oberlin. I had intellectual exchanges with students of different nationalities. I had African friends, Turkish friends and it was great of them to share their thoughts and philosophies. I used to work 15 hours a week. Overall campus life was hectic but very interesting. During my last years I worked as a teaching assistant for the documentary production courses.

Including all my work from student life, 'Murgi Keno Mutant' is my sixth production. The initial seed of the movie was sown when I was studying in Oberlin College in 2007. I saw an ad from the Art department of Toon Bangla, the animation studio, convening scripts. I communicated with them and sent my script. I had views exchanged through the internet. Then the project got started. The script was edited as required for doing the animation.

One thing I would like to share is that I have a liking for traditional Bangla commercial movies and I watch them regularly. Though we make fun of them, they too are a form of art that have some unique style elements which can be wittily used in animation films. As a maker I try to observe the content presented in such manner. So I had the intention to make a populist cinema and at the same time I was interested in Sci-Fi. I wanted to show how Bangladesh would look like in future through a traditional style-- what peopl call 'the zombie style'!

Currently I am working with Toon Bangla, and planning to make more animation movies. Some projects are in the queue. The big difference in animation movies is that you have to preplan or pre-visualise a lot. Because, in animation, once the shots are locked it is hard to redo.

One should always stick to what he or she is good at other than listening to others. Success will come only then.

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