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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 06 | February 12, 2012 |


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Feed Board



The spotlight last week titled “What's your project for Bangladesh?” had two very interesting and important points. One was that Bangladesh has a lot of recourses, and the other was what can students do to solve problems, where the writer listed several things students can do such as spread information about pollution, family planning etc. It is very true that our resources are under utilized because of bad governance and corruption. If only there are people who make good decisions, in a sane intelligent way, we can do a lot. It's high time that we prioritize local minds and bring their ideas under the limelight. More platforms should be created in order to bring young policy makers together who are surely brimming with ideas.

Nishant Shankar
Ahsanullah University, Dhaka.

Boi Mela!

It's a great thing that The Star Campus started the section “Amar Ekushey Grantha Mela 2012” to promote Bangla books by young people. Ekushey Boi Mela is a one of a kind festival in Bangladesh and it should get a lot of coverage. Promoting books by young writers will also encourage reading among youths. Since The Star Campus is an English magazine, it will capture attention of English medium students too, who might not have read Bangla books as much. Star Campus should start doing book reviews too. Reading them will be more insightful and informative, and will give an idea to readers about Bangla Literature. It will be great fun to read them!

Rukhsana Mili
Dhaka University, Dhaka.

Encouragement appreciated.

The article on “Fire Fighting” in last week's Star Campus issue was enthralling. I never heard of such activity on campuses. It feels really good to see how our government is being concerned now days to involve young people as much as possible in the administration. Also, currently natural disasters and fire mishaps are something of paramount significance and needs to be addressed. So such initiatives at universities are very encouraging. Thanks to ULAB for organising such a workshop and thanks to Star Campus for the coverage.

Geety Ahmed
Eastern University, Dhaka.

Teacher's Evaluation

“Dear Teachers” was interesting to read, because it gives a perspective of a student regarding the teaching staff. Often times it happens that teachers can be really boring and not very innovative, but students are usually afraid to voice out. Students fear that they will lose grades and teachers might take criticism in the wrong way. Students can have opinions and they are not always thinking of doing “fakibaji” when they have something to say to their teachers. Teachers should be open to criticism too. If possible, universities should have student boards too, where a selected bunch of students will have the right to evaluate performance of teachers and get a say when it comes to planning the syllabus as well.

Neha Chowdhury
East West University, Dhaka.

On Aziz Market

I loved the write-up in the last issue on Aziz Market and the great T-shirts it has been providing for years. However, I have recently noticed that several T-shirt companies run by young university students have sprung up on Facebook. They offer home delivery since they cannot afford the high showroom rent. Two such companies are Overture (facebook.com/overture.bd) and DoggTagg(facebook.com/DoggTagBD), among numerous others. I have noticed that they offer excellent and very unique designs (such as Angry Birds T-shirts) which one cannot find anywhere in Bangladesh. I would love it if you write about them as an upcoming article, since university

students and readers of Campus are always on the lookout for trendy fashion wear! And since these have been founded by university students as well, that will make it more relevant to Campus.

Ashfaque Hossain
North South University, Dhaka.

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