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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 06 | February 12, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Poodle Trouble

I have always been a huge animal lover. I love helping and taking care of them. Now even though most people would perceive this to be a good thing my ten year old cousin, Hridoy, hates me because of it. When he was about seven years old, he accompanied us to a family picnic. Hridoy and I were playing on an open field where our cars were parked, and that is where we met this other boy. He had a really cute poodle. I asked him if we could play with the dog, but the boy felt that we would end up hurting it so he refused. Hridoy, being a bit of a brat just picked the dog up and ran close to his car. When the dog got close to the car, for some unknown reason it urinated all over one of the front doors, and partly over Hridoy's shorts. My scared cousin screamed, and some grown-ups rushed to know what had happened. Out of my compassion for the dog I blamed the wet car door on Hridoy. Of course, the adults did not punish him, but that was perhaps the most embarrassing thing he will ever experience. And to this day our relationship has been a bit strained.

Adit Hasan Khan
North South University

Lost and Found

Last year we took our much awaited study tour in Saint Martin. We had two teachers with us. They had told us that we (especially female students) were supposed to stay and move together. But we could not keep up with the rule all the time. On the second day, two of my friends and I were wandering around the beach and somehow we were got separated from the rest of the group. According to our schedule, at that time, we were supposed to have lunch in a local restaurant, so all the members were gathered. But the three of us were missing. Our group members tried calling us but we had left our phones in the motel. We instinctively went to restaurant with one of our classmates and we met our teacher there. What was funny was that the teacher did not have a clue about us being lost and what was funnier is that neither did we! But the friends who had tried calling us kept constantly scolding us but in hushed tones so that the teachers would not find out. It was really interesting to be a lost person and come back without even realizing that I was lost!

Dhaka University

Uncomfortable situation

When I was in class six, I was a very naughty child. I used to tickle my friends all the time and it used to annoy them so much that they always tried to stay away from me. One day a friend of mine complained to our teacher. Hearing this the teacher got very angry. He ordered me to stand up and I obeyed. Then he asked, “How many students have you tickled?” I did not reply out of shame. The teacher then ended up asking everyone else in the class to tickle me and they all did! I started fidgeting uncontrollably and uncomfortably and it started driving me insane! The teacher looked at me and asked, “Enough?” I looked at him with all my guilt portrayed on my face and said, “Yes sir that will be enough”. After that incident I completely stopped my tickling act and became a polite and kind boy completely in contrast with what I was!

Raisul Saikat
Dhaka University

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