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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 07 | February 19, 2012 |


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Silly Tales


I passed my SSC from Comilla Zilla School where bunking classes is as normal as eating food. One day, we decided to bunk class- as usual! I saw everyone leave the class with their bags. I also joined them, since I didn't want to break the tradition. We thought that if everyone bunked, then no one would get caught. In order to leave the school compound, we used to climb the wall to bunk classes instead of using the main gate. That day was no different and all of us ended up bunking the classes successfully. When we went to the class the next day, our class teacher told everyone to stand up. He punished the entire class which was quite unexpected. However, it did not stop us from bunking classes in the future. It just added momentum to our adventures. I still remember those crazy days.

Rakibul Kabir
North South University

Wet Pants

My friends and I love to play pranks on others. This happened last year, when in class a teacher asked a question to a girl who was sitting in front of me. Her name was Aysha. She couldn't answer for which the teacher made her stand. We were bored of the teacher's lectures, so we decided to cheer up the class a little. My friend secretly took her water bottle out of her bag, but the teacher didn't understand. My friend gave the bottle to me and I opened it's lid and quietly poured the water on Aysha's bench. As she was standing she didn't understand anything. After the class ended the teacher left and Aysha sat down on her bench. She immediately stood up and realised her pants were all wet! It looked like she wet her pants. The whole class started making fun of her. She understood who did it and rushed through her bag to take out her water bottle to throw the water at me, but she couldn't find it since I took it. Since, she couldn't do anything to take revenge, she joined us in laughter.

Maeesha Ryaan

The Physics Problem!

This happened when I was in the seventh grade. My best friend and I hated physics class, because quite frankly we didn't understand anything. Often I used to wonder what the point of this course was, where students were basically tortured to death. To make life easy, we decided to bully the nerd in the class to give us notes, because she had fantastic notes and she never wanted to share them. We did get our notes, but the nerd started to get pretty hostile against us. So to take revenge, she once gave us wrong notes right before a quiz. My friend and I, being the real idiots, gulped down whatever she wrote. Our physics teacher ruthlessly bullied my friend and me when she returned our scripts, revealing to the entire class that we were too dumb to even distinguish between Einstein and Newton!

Suhana Shafiq
BRAC University.

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