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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 14 | April 08, 2012 |


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Club Activity

Actors connect with the audience:
NSU Drama Festival

Fardin Akbar Hyderi
Photos: NSUCDC

On March 27, 2012, a drama festival was organised by North South University (NSU) in Baridhara, Dhaka. The dramas had several philosophical and thought-provoking elements. The actors succeeded on capturing different emotions and gave the audience a taste of different genres of theatre and dramatics.

The festival was a three day long event. This time, NSUCDC - the cine and drama club of NSU, planned this festival by inviting three theatre groups apart from themselves-- Nagarik Natyashampradaya, the Nayatyam Repertory and the Department of Theatre, DU. The whole event took place in the Convocation Stage of the North South University. The show started from 6 pm onwards and was house full. The guests of honour of the festival were Md Shajahan, the Chairman and Board of trustees of the NSU, along with Prof Dr Md Abdus Sattar, the treasurer and Vice Chancellor and Abdus Selim from the Department of English and the faculty advisor of the NSUDC. "Arranging a drama festival is no doubt a mile stone in the history of NSUCDC--it is indeed a feather in it's cap. The plan was there for a long time, but realising it was not easy," said Abdus Selim, the advisor of the Cine and Drama Club.

Organising a drama festival as such is not easy at all, obviously, because it takes days and months to come up with a plan and to pull it off with such success. The Cine and Drama Club of NSU consists of students who worked day and night alongside their studies to give the viewers a fantastic show. Zaker Zahan Shuvro, one of the organisers of the festival said, "The CDC has been present for the past sixteen years and this is our 42nd show. Each and every show of our club consists of actors who work really hard. This time it is different because we have other teams performing along with us. There is a sense of competition, which is good, since we can see where our acting stands when compared to the other experienced teams." He also added "We wish to attract more viewers. Students may not be interested in being present during occasions like this so each and every time we are keen on developing acts, which suit their taste. We will be performing later in Sylhet and Shilpokola Academy this May. We hope we get the same or more support that we got this time from our audience and faculty members". The comedy drama, 'Kinu Kaharer Theatre' made the audience burst out into laughter every second, which showed how much it was appreciated and enjoyed. Kazi Samira Pinash, an actor in the NSUCDC show and the General Secretary of the club said "We have been preparing for the show for a month and a half. We are very grateful to Sanatnu Halder, our Directorial Supervision and Jayed Julhash, our Director, for providing the proper guide we needed to perfect our act."

Apart from the hectic studies and exams, students do really need a get-away. For the members of NSUCDC, entertaining people with their creative acts is their own way to blow off steam. Even if they do seem to start small, the response and appreciation they received from the other students is something that will push them to dream bigger.

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