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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 14 | April 08, 2012 |


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Feed Board

Magic as hobby!

I was pleased to read the spotlight "More Than Just Time-Pass". Everyone should have a hobby. The article will interest youngsters to choose a hobby. But in this age, most of them are interested in computers and cell phones. Performing magic can be a great hobby too. Magic has been my hobby since childhood. Now it has become my profession. I get immense pleasure by learning, practicing and showing magic. I have travelled to many countries such as the USA, Russia and China to show magic. Beside showing magic, I also teach magic now. For the last four years, I have been doing social work with my magic performance. I show free and educational magic to underprivileged children at primary schools all over Bangladesh. I think everyone can find a purpose in life if they have a hobby!

Ulfat Kabir
Magic teacher, American International School, Dhaka.

Enjoying Youth and Music


It has been almost two years since I started learning how to play a guitar. I have always been very keen on going to concerts and

forming a band. The article on the Indian band “Something Relevant” was fun to read. It was great knowing about the band since I was present in the Rockophony Concert at Ruposhi Bangla. It was inspiring to know how the band became famous after a lot of hard work, starting with performing on streets and weddings and other occasions. Although, the article was a bit short, the writer did a good job on mentioning about all the band members. Reading articles like these give young musicians the hope and inspiration to go for big dreams and gain fame. I will be looking forward to more such articles in the upcoming issues.

Alamgir Khan
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka.

Love for the Tigers

Photo: Anisur Rahman

The article about the Asia Cup Finals between Bangladesh and Pakistan was a really good read. The writer succeeded in capturing the emotions which almost every Bangladeshi went through the day when the match took place. I missed watching some of the Bangladesh matches due to my busy work schedule, but after reading the article I realised the emotional intensity which the team and the supporters went through in this Asia Cup journey. I hope that someone from our Bangladesh Cricket team has read this article so that they can take pride in knowing that the nation was and always will be by their side. I completely agree with the writer when he mentioned that a better prize awaits the Tigers, because according to me and most people, even though our team lost, they surely gave the other teams of the world something to be afraid of.

Shamim Alam
American Internation University of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

An encouragement

Reaching heights with your passion is the greatest height you can reach. Advertising is the best thing that ever happened to me. Advertising is all about passion. Unfortunately, passion is something you cannot buy at a store or borrow from your best friend. Passion will drive you to break all barriers. In the advertising world anything is possible- you can make a simple thing adorable and make people fly. I really liked the article 'Reaching Great Heights' (Star Chat with Nabila Basher). I hope that Nabila Basher wins Cannes award one day as she wants to. An appreciation for creativity in advertising world can make us do amazing things about which you do not have any idea. I hope Nabila Basher's dreams will come true one day.

Samiur R Rashedi
AIUB Alumnus, Dhaka.

Colours revisited

I found both of Naziba Basher's 'Colours-the real secret behind beauty' greatly attention grabbing. The second part of this Campus Trends that dealt with inherited meanings of different colours was really out-of-the-box! The article is fine toned, and can be a guide for young fashion fanatics out there who have knack for playing with attires and accessories. It helped me choose my colour according to my personality. I am looking forward to more articles of such kind that could inform the readers about different materials used in clothes and accessories, for example, Zamdani, Silk, jewelleries made of clay, pearl and other stones etc.

Bipasha Kabir
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet.

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