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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 14 | April 08, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Prank Gone Wrong, Again!

Blowing off steam during recess was a must when we were in our sixth and seventh grade. We used to wait anxiously for the bell to ring because as soon as it did, the classroom would burst with shouts and laughter and, of course, mean pranks on the classmates and nerds. We were the ones who used to plan the pranks and this one day, we decided to play a pretty messy one. It was a hot summer afternoon and almost everyone had chilled water bottles. For some foolish reason, we decided to throw around cold water around the class. We kept on going when all of a sudden I noticed our teacher walk in but my friends had not. He mistook the class teacher for a student and threw cold water on his perfectly ironed shirt. My friend stood stunned and started apologising and the funny part is, the teacher acknowledged it as a joke and did not suspend us like we expected. But after that incident, we stopped throwing around water but we still continued with other pranks which did not involve the teachers of any sort.

Plabon Hamid
East West University, Dhaka.

Wrong Basket!

Basketball is and always was a very big part of my life. We used to play in our school ground during breaks and we had regular team practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. I obviously was not that outstanding when I started off but with time, I eventually got selected in the school team. I remember my first ever match against St Joseph when I messed up really bad and supposedly also ruined my so called 'player' image. I was called out of substitution during the final 5 minutes when at least one score was needed for our team to win the game. I got a pass from the point guard and ran over to the basket scoring the final point. I started jumping with joy when I saw my coach and my team looking at me with disappointment. I realised I had scored in the wrong basket and successfully made my team lose. I got better in basketball afterwards, of course, after being taught in which basket to score.

Aziz Shah
Independent University Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Worse than punishment

My best friend and I loved bunking Physics classes during A-Levels. It was one of those classes that drove us insane because the equations and the theories were humanely impossible to understand. We had this shade out on the field where my friend and I “chilled out” thinking that we are renegades, as the class went on. The funny part was that our teacher was one of those people who did not give a damn and had a cool attitude. But that took us a while to understand. Once when the class was over, my friend and I started back for the next class. Our “renegade” attitude dissolved away as we walked into our Physics teacher all of a sudden. As we were beginning to apologize, embarrassed, our teacher merely looked at us and walked past us, mumbling “Make sure you collect the notes of today's class.” Well we felt more embarrassed after that!

Saadat Shan
Aga Khan School, Dhaka.

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