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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 15 | April 16, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

Screen-Print Your Love

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

One of the most common dilemmas people face is picking out a present for someone who matters, someone they care about. The age-old perfumes, make up, sunglasses, ties, shirts and shoes have all had their expiry date labelled on them years ago (though, people fail to realise it). Even though a lot of people prefer these presents more than most things, there is a point when even the biggest perfume fanatic will get sick of having a million glass bottles filled with fragrant liquid and the biggest tie freak will want to use them to strangle himself (a little too much?).

This is when people need to think outside the box. T-shirts, as clichéd as they have always been as presents, are ACTUALLY one of the best bets one can have when picking out presents. Why? Because a t-shirt is something you can do absolutely anything with. One of those things happens to be screen-printing.

Screen-printed t-shirts are not just great gift items, but they are also items you can keep for yourself. Through screen-printing, you can have on your t-shirts -- pictures of you and your best friends, pictures of your parents, pictures of your favourite actor, pets and so much more.

Screen-printed t-shirts are extremely fun and easy to get a hold of if one knows where to get it done. The City Corporation Market situated right behind Banga Bazaar is just the place for anyone who has the desire to get the coolest t-shirts, custom made! The prices are very tricky, though. They usually depend on the colours of the photo one has picked-- the more colourful, the more expensive it will be. The prints are usually not bigger than A4 size and if done in one single colour, it can come to just around Tk 400.

Once you master the art of screen-printing (or at least know the places where you can get it done), giving them away as presents would be just another fun activity! “My best friend gave me the best birthday present this year when she gifted me a t-shirt with Sheldon Cooper's face screen-printed on it saying 'BAZINGA!'. She knows I always loved The Big Bang Theory and my favourite character was Sheldon so I loved and appreciated how she used what she knew about me and put it into her present.” says Niloy Hossain, a student of Bangladesh Medical College.

Apart from just t-shirts, jerseys are also a great way of telling people how you care, know and take into consideration their likes and dislikes. Printing (with a heater) the names of favourite sports-persons can bring big smiles on your pal's face! This can be done either at the Bangabandhu Stadium or at the City Corporation Market.

One can also get the names embroidered onto the jersey to make sure they last longer.

“My girlfriend gave me a jersey on our anniversary and why it stood out amongst other jerseys is because she picked the jersey of my favourite team and had my last name embroidered onto it. It feels great every time I put it on because I feel like a part of my favourite team! Also when I play football with my friends, every body has 'Drogba', 'Lampard', 'Messi' and what not printed on their jerseys where as I have a Germany jersey with my own name printed on it!” says Iftekhar Ahmed Bhuiyan, a student of Maple Leaf International School.

As buying gifts gets harder with more and more expensive items flowing into the market, sometimes it becomes quite a challenge when it comes to a best friend's birthday or just to get something for a younger sibling. So, what would be more fascinating than to have a picture of Sachin Tendulkar on a t-shirt or a picture of Lars Ulrich for a Metallica fan? That is when t-shirts become exclusive and also bear the proof of having some of the most thoughtful friends around!


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