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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 15 | April 16, 2012 |


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Feed Board

Hope for Change

On April 4, the people in Karail slum located near the Gulshan Lake were evicted. This led to the slum dwellers displaying a protest on Thursday April 5. I was there during the time of the protest and I was expecting something violent. But the slum dwellers amazed me. It was a completely non-violent protest. Despite the injustice they faced, they did not harm anybody or vandalise any property. I never expected such kind of protest from the slum dwellers, while all the 'literate' politicians and student workers are always delivering their messages through violence. Such display of non-violence from people of the grassroots gives me hope, because it shows that we can learn something from these people. Let's hope that these people get rehabilitated soon.

Tanjila Chowdhury
East West University
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Save the Future

Photo: Star

Students are the future of a nation. It is a matter of regret that students are getting engaged in politics and violence every day, both in public and private universities. The main task of a student is to learn through studies and extracurricular activities. Students are engaged in violence for silly reasons to show power. They beat up and kill students showing no remorse or qualms. This can be dangerous for the future of Bangladesh. Political parties patronise and breed violent behaviour among students. We know our student politics has a remarkable past. We pay tribute for the courage they showed during the liberation war and language movement. Now we are not at that stage. Bangladesh has several acute problems like poverty, illiteracy, inflation etc. We have to get students involved in solving these problems. We must try to remove so called 'student politics' from campuses.

A H Khan
Former student of Rajshahi University.



Hobbies are practiced for interest and enjoyment rather than financial reward. It is important that we have some kind of hobby, because hobbies make us better human beings. The writer intelligently pointed out that hobbies can save our lives, which is very true. Hobbies can save us from dangerous habits like drug addiction, robbery and even our inner anxiety and frustrations. We should all have healthy hobbies such as reading, writing, gardening and playing games.

Tauhidul Islam Md Tauhid
Prime University, Dhaka.


Hobbies act as good stress relievers and can be a pleasant way to spend free time. However, there are several things that the writer should have mentioned. The writer should have talked about the distracting effects of having a hobby as well. An acquaintance of mine, who enjoyed playing the guitar, quit medical school to pursue a career in music that bore no fruit. This acquaintance had a hard time re-adjusting later in life. While I urge students to indulge in various hobbies, I would also like to advice against a hobby's distracting effects, and in case of following an uncertain passion, to keep a back up plan ready.

Saint Francis Xavier's
Green Herald
International School, Dhaka.

KFC at DU for 10 years

KFC means something else in Dhaka University. The K stands for Kader, Kowsar and Kamrul, while FC means Food Corner. KFC is known to all students of Dhaka University, especially to students of Muhsin hall, for whom it has become a mini 'parliament' to talk about hall politics. The three names that begin with K are of owners of three tea stalls that stand on the opposite side of Senate Building of DU. Not only their names, but also the food sold at these stalls are similar such as toast, noodles, tea, etc . These three stalls open and close almost at the same time. At the end of the day, each stall sells almost the same amount of food. A lot of students and young couples gather here throughout the day. They love spending their time here because of this place's convenient location surrounded by nature and also for the mouthwatering food. We, the students of DU, love our local 'KFC!'

Nur Islam
Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University

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