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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 15 | April 16, 2012 |


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News Snap

'Career Summit 2012' organised by Mélange Communications

Career Summit 2012 was successfully held at Spectra Convention Center on April 7, 2012 by Mélange Communications. The focus of the event was in bridging the existing information gap between students and other job-seekers and the corporate world. This was done, as said by Mélange Communications, by bringing the students and other job seekers and some notable personalities of the corporate world face-to-face.

The event started off at 2:50 pm with a three hour long 'Workshop and Training Programme', comprising of four separate 45 minutes-long sessions, dealing with four distinguished topics. The speakers for the sessions were G Sumdany Don, Independent Career Consultant and Quazi M Ahmed, Founder and Chief Dreamer, FutureLeaders. Samdany delivered his speech in an interactive manner where he concentrated on informing the students about what is more important to them, CGPA or Extra Curricular Activities, and to what degree should each of these be pursued. Quazi talked about some of key aspects of attaining success and happiness in life in his very inspiring speech.

Courtesy: Melange Communications

At 6:30 pm, the main attraction of the event, 'Panel Discussion', got underway along with six distinguished guests at the panel. Muhammad Faisol Chowdhury, Senior Lecturer, School of Business, North South University, acted as the moderator of the session. The six panel discussants involved were, Arif Shahriar, COO, Corporate and Group HR Head, Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd, Professor Abdul Hannan Chowdhury, Dean, School of Business, North South University, Dr Jamaluddin Ahmed, Partner, Hoda Vasi Chowdhury and Co, Luna Shamsuddoha, Chairman, Dohatech New Media, Md Ruhul Amin, Group HR Head, Hamid Group and Quazi M Ahmed, Founder and Chief Dreamer, FutureLeaders.

The topics under discussion were the facets that a student, job-seeker or even employed individuals need to follow in order to attain success in the corporate world. Everyone present witnessed to a lively discussion by both the panel discussants and the participants. Crests of Honour was presented to the panel discussants and the speakers. A raffle draw was arranged and the event ended with an ending note by Parvez Ahmed, Head of Operations, Mélange Communications. He promised to be back in 2013 with 'Career Summit 2013'. The participants were provided with certificates

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