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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 15 | April 16, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Bumping the Right Way

Right after I had joined university, I was kind of scared of being able to fit in. I did not think I would have the same kind of mentality with most of the students because from what I had seen and heard before, I knew I had a different kind of mindset compared to them. During my first week, I hardly spoke to anyone apart from some of the friends I had made before I joined the university. But then something happened that changed everything. After class we had a meeting with the faculty members for a show we were hosting and since some of us were getting late, there were students running around the whole campus to get to the meeting in time. I suddenly bumped into one of the students face first and we both flew to two opposite ends of the hall and just lay flat there for a couple of seconds. We both got up at the same time (mind you we were very injured!), looked at each other and burst out laughing along with everyone else who was in the hall. That day I came into, not just talking but, laughing terms with a lot of the students and now they happen to be some of my closest friends!

Nishita Naila
Raffles Institute of Higher Education

Those Delicious Cakes

I was only five years old and went to kindergarten school when this happened. There was a big field around our house and one sunny evening, my sister, who is two years older, and I went to take a walk there. Suddenly, some chocolate coloured cake-shaped-round-things under a tree caught our eyes. They looked so delicious that we were about to eat them. But a thought arose in my sister's mind and before eating them, she told me to ask my grandmother whether she had made them or not. After I asked my grandmother, she went blank and she had answered, I got shocked. Those chocolate-coloured cake shaped round things were actually cow dung! Now every time I remember the incident, I just laugh and think about how stupid we were!

Malifa Nowshin Nova
Viqarunnisa Noon School

Slow Runner

I was in the 8th grade when this had happened. In my class, my friends and I were known as the trouble-makers. We were called the three musketeers by almost everyone in our school. One day, we had our PE (Physical Exercise) class and math right after that. My friends, Jessica and Zanifeer, and I had pre-planned to not attend the class. After the PE class was over, we went and sat in the library for around fifteen to twenty minutes just to make sure that the teacher was in class. We left the library and made a run for the basketball ground when suddenly, while running and looking back to make sure no one was watching, I bumped into some one. I looked around and looked up and it was our math teacher! She looked at me, laughed and then dragged me to class pulling my by my ear. Both my friends had escaped and the only reason I got caught was because I was a slow runner. I have been practicing my running skills since then!

Tanzila Munim
Independent University,
Bangladesh, Dhaka

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