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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 16 | April 22, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

After Losing My Cell Phone


When I got admitted into University of Dhaka, my mother bought me a nice and expensive cell phone. She told me to carry it carefully but, as always, I did not pay attention. One day, when my class had finished, I went to the canteen, put my phone on the counter and bought some food. After I was done eating, I left the place and did not check if I had my phone with me. After about half an hour I started looking for it in my bag but the mess inside was inexplicable. I recalled where I had left it and ran to the canteen. Unsurprisingly, my phone was no where around. I ran to my classmates and told them about what had happened. They searched in the canteen and asked the canteen boys if they had seen my phone. Then suddenly it started ringing. All of my friends looked at their phones but it was none of theirs. They all looked at met all wide-eyed and scary! I took all my stuff out of my bag and found my phone there! All of my friends were so mad at me!

Nazia Tasnim
University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

Happily Punished


When I was in class 6, I felt a lot older and smarter than I was because I passed my primary level exams. After I spent some time in high school, I had a new name a 'pundit' given to me by my math teacher. One day I decided to go to the movies after lunch break. I shared the idea with our class captain, Riad. Initially, he refused my but I kept bugging him in a very provocative manner saying this like, “Don't worry, I will pay for your ticket!” Finally he agreed and we bunked the next class and went to movies. After enjoying what seemed to be a fun day out, we came to school the next day and the class teacher called our roll numbers and asked us to stand up. I understood what was about to happen because he is one person who might have had knowledge about our wrong doing. We both were punished but I seemed pretty content knowing that I got the class captain punished along with me and was not alone. I am still called 'pundit' and for obvious reasons!

Md. Rashedul Haider
Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Gazipur.

Mistake On the Staircase


In the academic life of every person, there is a bridge to pass through between college life and university life-- admission coaching centers, which are nothing less then regular institutions. But the teachers and students always seem to be of almost the same age. Once, while leaving class, I noticed a boy patting another boy on the staircase asking, “How was the class and how did the teacher deliver?” The other boy of our age, carrying a bag like us, turned his head and replied with a smile saying that his class had gone well and the teacher was also good. The former boy said, “Oh this bhaiya takes the classes of your batch doesn't he? I heard he always gives brilliant lectures.” The second boy just smiled and left. Then I called the boy who was patting the other boy and informed him about the mistake that he had made. What he had not realised was that the 'boy' he was talking to was actually the teacher he was talking about! We all had a big laugh about the incident and still remember it from time to time to embarrass that friend of ours!

Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid
University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

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