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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 17 | April 29, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Grateful For Punishment

For me and my friends, school was always the coolest place to be. But the day I will always remember is the day after one of our school picnics. We went to Shonargaon, had lot of fun and by the end of the day we were all terribly tired. We had class the next day, which none of us intended to attend. So we made up a full-proof (at least we thought it was) plan. We decided none of us would go to school the next day. So our principal, who was a very scary person, would not be able to punish anyone since we were all equally guilty. The next day our principle was outraged when she saw that so many of us were missing. She understood very well that it was all planned. When we went to school the day after the incident, something beyond our imagination happened--the principal decided to punish the whole class. We had to stand outside the class for exactly four hours! Although it was an embarrassing and unpleasant incident,when I look back now, nothing seems bitter. In fact now it feels like if it were not for those bitter-sweet moments, our days at school would have been quite boring.

Tashrifa Haider
Independent University Bangladesh, Dhaka.

The Mystery with the Pen

There was a six feet tall figure in our school known as "still body". He was a faculty personal and he used to check our uniform every morning. One day he asked me about my ID card, because I did not have it that day. I had to make up some excuse and get away with it. But instead, he stopped me and said, "Fhen". I could not understand him and did not even bother to, as getting away from him was more important. As he saw no response from me, he again said, "Fhen". This time I had no choice but to say "ok" only to make him feel that he was clear to me. I was just about to move away, when for the third time he said, "Fhen". Then he waved a page at me and finally I understood what he meant! He was actually looking for a pen from me so that he could write my name and keep it as a record because I did not bring my ID card!

Khwaja Mohammed Ali Saber

Sun for Sauna?

Summer here is quite extreme. The days during this season are not like one of those days where one would want to enjoy the sun because, even if they try to, the post reaction to the hot sun would be nothing but skin burns. Like every other hot sunny day, my friends and I were hanging out at a small tea stall after school. We were talking about our regular subjects when all of a sudden, Paul, a friend of ours who is a bit on the heavier side, started complaining about how he has been trying to lose weight, but keeps failing all the time. He kept on complaining for days till we would pay any attention to his “Big” problem. However, that day, one of my other friends, who got sick and tired of his complaints, suggested him to wrap himself up in two big blankets and run around the roof under the hot sun in the afternoon. We all knew that he was being sarcastic, but poor Paul thought that the idea might not be that bad. The next day he came over, all puffed up and red with skin rashes with absolutely no change in his weight. We all knew what he had done and could not help but laugh!

Zubair Mustafa
Primeasia University, Dhaka.

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