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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 18 | May 06, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Destined for Glory

Actor Mishu Sabbir
Talks to
Rakibul Hasan

Courtesy: Mishu Sabbir

Friends, music and football made my campus life. I went to Monipur High School, Dhaka. School life was full of restrictions but that did not prevent me from enjoying my early student life to the fullest. I was and still am totally into football. Whenever I could manage some time I would be playing football in the school playground or on the streets or virtually any place possible. In fact, several local teams from our neighbourhood would hire me to play football for them and I still cherish the memory of celebrating with my team-mates after winning a match. I also fell headlong into music at a very young age. I can remember going to the concerts with my friends as early as when I was only a class three student in school. I grew up listening to the legendary bands of Bangladesh like LRB, Renaissance, Warfaze and so on. I was also a big fan of heavy metal music. Some of my friends and I formed a band named 'After Death' while we were still in school and I used to play the keyboard for the band.

Eventually things got very hectic in school since I had to prepare for my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams and I concentrated solely on studying. I passed my SSC with flying colours and got myself admitted in Dhaka Commerce College. College life was too short to gather any real experience, plus pressures from the studies were immense. After graduating I pursued my bachelors from Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) with a major in Computer Science. University life was a lot more liberating than school or college and here, I literally made hundreds of friends with whom I still maintain close contact. It was in university some friends and I formed an event management company named Biborton Showbiz, of which I was the manager. We used to arrange concerts for underground bands and many of those bands have become very popular and emerged as mainstream bands.

My involvement in acting was not something predetermined. During my final semester in the university, we had to take a study trip outside Dhaka and I remember performing in a stage drama during that trip with some North American students. However there was a long pause after that in my acting career since I joined a private bank for an internship and later on worked with channel I as an executive (creative and brand communication). During my stay in Channel I, I got acquainted with renowned filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farooqi and his 'Bhai-brother' group and they picked me to perform in their TV fiction dramas. As an actor I enjoy playing different characters and the only future plan I have is to be a very good actor. To all the youngsters, my message would be to follow their hearts because if you pursue your passion with commitment and hard work the sky becomes your limit.

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