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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 6 | Issue 20 | May 20, 2012 |


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After Class

In Love with Shakespeare

Abritty Abdullah

There were skits, recitations, exhibition, quiz competition and a documentary to relive Shakepeare.

While the world was buzzing about the plays of Shakespeare being played in Globe Theatre in 37 different languages during his birthday week, the students of the English department, University of Dhaka made a humble effort to remember the literary genius with a fun filled programme. There were skits from different plays, recitation, exhibition, quiz competition and a documentary to relive Shakespeare. A small festive atmosphere took shape in front of R C Majumdar auditorium, where students and teachers were sharing their thoughts on Shakespeare. The whole programme was anchored by two of Shakespeare's famous characters (played by students) from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - Titania-the fairy queen and Puck the mischiveous elf. They were extremely spontaneous and were successful in keeping the audience smiling all the while. The skit from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' that depicted the love between Thisbe and Pyramus through the crack of the wall was hilariously presented by the actors. Dr Khondokar Ashraf Hossain, Dr Syed Mazoorul Islam and Dr Fakrul Alam joined the festival with their recitations.

They read out from Shakespeare's works.

There were some skits representing great characters created by Shakespeare in light and funny way. Rosalind's witty conversation with Orlando from 'As You Like It,' caught the audience's attention. Portia's disguise in 'The Merchant of Venice' as a young lawyer defending Antonio and Shylock's true wicked attitude was beautifully portrayed by the actors. Finally Macbeth and his loyal friend Banquo were surrounded by the three witches, which was perhaps the most dramatic moment of the show. Some parodies were performed as well. Shakespeare's famous sonnet 'Shall I Compare Thee' was modified and criticised by a twentieth century poet, who dramatically intervened during the middle of the recitation of the lines. A quiz took place, which created an exciting environment in the auditorium, where the participants were tested by the quiz master Dr Shamsad Mortuza. He came up with exciting questions regarding Shakespeare. The English Department Film Club (DU) presented a documentary which had various remarks on Shakespeare by the students and the teachers of the department. Their remarks exemplified the level of respect they have for Shakespeare's works. Each and every part of the programme was executed with such perfection that it took the audiences back to the sixteenth century. The programme had such an impact that the students were heard talking in Shakespearean English among them. English Department's Literary Club, Drama club, Film Club and volunteers all had given their best to pull off a successful show. The teachers are specially to be thanked for this particular event who groomed the students to perfection. Dr Shamsad Mortuza, Ms Farhanaz Rabbani, Ms Rumana Sidiqque, Dr Tazin Aziz Chowdhury, Ms Nehrir Khan, Ms Munasir Kamal and the Chairperson, Professor Tahmina Ahmed had put in a lot of energy in order to make the students perfect enough to be able to perform the plays of Shakespeare. At the end of the day it was proven that Shakespeare is close to the students of Literature and how beautifully they can relate with him. The respect and love for the bard reflected in every face around the festival.

Students and teachers sharing thoughts on Shakespeare's writings.

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