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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 20 | May 20, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Ink Disaster

My friend used to be obsessed with stationary when we were at school. Her pencil bags looked swollen, because she carried so many pens. Of course, the good side was that we never had to worry about pens if our ones ran out of ink. She was well known among teachers as well. However, one day a disaster happened. Our Economics teacher had forgotten to bring her pen to class, and naturally she looked at my friend. My friend gleefully handed her pencil bag to my teacher, asking her to choose from the huge collection she carried. Our teacher put her hand inside; not bothering whichever pen comes out, as long as it was a pen. But when she took her hand out, we saw that her fingers were covered in ink! She looked dumbfounded at my friend, who frowned. The whole class had burst out into laughter by then.

Susmita Huq
East Delta University, Dhaka.

Prince Charming in the Manhole

One morning I was in a rush to go to school so I was walking really fast. But before I get into my story I would like to mention one thing, which is, the day before it was pouring like anything and there was a puddle right in front of my school. So, as I rushed forward to reach my school I accidentally slipped on a banana peel and fell into the puddle of water. Right at that moment, I saw my biggest crush walking towards the gate and I instantly got up to make sure no one saw me. However, he did see me and to my amazement he came to my rescue like a knight in shinning armour. As he was walking forward, he did not notice and instead of helping me, fell into a manhole! I did not know what to do, whether to help him or not, instead I burst out giggling and laughing.

Bushra Ahmed
Asia Pacific University, Dhaka.

The Weirdness of Weirdoes

When I had just gotten into university, I realised that there were only two of us in class since the department was new. Since he was the only other student, I decided to become good friends with him because we will have to cooperate with each other a lot. I knew he was weird because he had the tendency to laugh at everything and everyone, whether it was funny or not. I managed to ignore it. Until one day, when we had to look at some famous paintings. We came across this one of Salvador Dali that had a lot of little details to notice. While I was observing the painting, I suddenly heard him murmur, “oooohhhh, you're a tricky one aren't you?” My lecturer and I both looked at him and heard him talk a lot more to the pictures. I sent a friend of mine a text telling her all this and she replied saying, “You should run out of that class. These are signs of a potential serial killer!” We laughed about this for days until, of course, he ended up doing some more ridiculous things!

Anamika Chowdhury
Presidency University, Dhaka.

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