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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 6 | Issue 22 | June 03, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles

Sumaiya Ahsan Bushra
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

In the middle of a sunny day, what could serve one better than a cold glass of magic! To quench your thirst and beat the scorching heat, a refreshing glass of lemonade or lachi (lassi) completes the deal. Beauty Lachi, a classic favourite for all has been serving its loyal customers for generations now. Situated in two places, one in Puran Dhaka, and the other in Bongo Bazar, these two branches have been there even before the Liberation War.

A buzzing hub for students.

As the shop keeper suggests, “Beauty Lachi has been there since the Pakistan days, the owner of the eatery had inherited the business from his father who rightfully received it from his father.” With a history, which is quite as rich as this, Beauty Lachi is expected to be or is imagined by one as an extravagant place where they are likely to find a number of different types of drinks and food items. But, to break the delusion, Beauty Lachi has its own speciality and is nothing as imagined. Stark in the middle of a crowded road, hangs the signboard of the restaurant in all its non glorious, dingy form.

Quite unappealing at first sight it does not, however, fail its customer's once they get the real taste of the food. The lemonade, which costs only taka 12 is a fine combination of water, a slice of lemon, a sugary syrup and a handful of crunchy ice cubes broken into pieces. This killer combo makes it an instant hit amongst the buzzing students who eat at the restaurant every day. These students come from all over Dhaka, particularly from BUET, Charukala and Dhaka University due to the close proximity. Tani, a student from Charukala states, “In order to truly experience Dhaka, one must have Beauty's shorbot (sherbet). It's almost a cultural thing for some.

And in this heat, if you can grab a 'packet' on your way, that's even better. It saves time and the energy to stand in this heat!”

Apart from the lemonade, other cold items available are lassi and faluda. These cost around taka 25 and taka 50 each. What is unique is the process of making this drink. Instead of adding a lot of water in a blender with yogurt and sugar, this drink is mixed in a big mug with a spatula. The core ingredients are curd, water and rose water for fragrance and taste.

The hot and cold items served at the restaurant.

What is more amazing about the restaurant is that the drinks are made right in front of the customers. There is no policy of using unhygienic products to make these drinks. Since, the net number of customers including students is four to five hundred; a certain quantity is made to meet the customer's demand. At times, as “add ons” black salt, extra sugar syrup, and lemon slices are added to the drinks to customise it according to the customer's taste buds as some have a sweet tooth while other's have an eye for the sour! Also, for those students who do not have a lot of time in hand and are on the go all the time, drinks are sold in packets. Yes, not bottles or cans, but in packets. As one of the servers say, “This is easy for those who are in a rush. We use packets instead of bottles because; we will not be able to fill the bottles with ice. And the whole point of serving a cool drink is to add a lot of ice.”

Customer loyalty and hygiene is essential.

Additionally, for meals there are morog polao which costs around taka 70 (half plate) and kacchi biriyani for taka 50. What catches one's attention about the kacchi biriyani apart from the enticing aroma is the fine colour and texture of the rice. The soft yellowish orange rice playing delicately with succulent pieces of meat and small potato chunks is a treat not just for the eye, but for the palate as well.

Beauty Lachi is a lively hub for students. It has been there for decades almost, and is a place where students can relax in the middle and after a long day. The drinks are a must have and so are the meals.

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