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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 22 | June 03, 2012 |


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Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo
Models: Moureen, Nick, Fardin, Soraya and Shazila. Locations: Moureen's house, Soraya's house and The Bench.

“I don't do fashion. I AM fashion.”--Coco Chanel, French Fashion Designer.

Fashion is not only about clothes and accessories. Fashion is so much more; a way of life, speaking of one's personality and character, fashion is every where and we are a part of fashion as much as it is a part of us. And when summer hits the country every year, fashion is one of many thoughts that hit the youngster's mind. Whether it is blending in with the new summer trend or making one's own, summer is the season to go all out with colours, materials, accessories and so much more.

Clothes have taken a brave new turn this year as colours have hit the market and the young minds on a big scale. The 60s and 70s themes are bac, full throttle, and what better time to celebrate the best years of fashion than during the summer? And when you think of the 60s and 70s, you think colours and spunk!

Comfortable kurtis with different prints and colours can be found in various online boutiques.

Summer flats are available in Elephant Road for Taka 300 and above.

Doja is always the place to be when summer and fashion are in the same train of thought. Mentioned in numerous fashion articles, there is no denying that Doja Market (opposite to Dhaka College) is a fashion fanatic's best bet when it comes to style versus price. The t-shirts in Doja will range from Tk 150 to Tk 300. The style you are looking for during this season should be something that is cooling yet funky, like a blue top with printed flowers that give a slight hint of yellow-- the blue to keep you cool and the yellow to keep you cheerful. Even though simple, one coloured t-shirts will probably be most people's first option, but prints, especially floral, are very in style right now. Dress tops are something else that have been in the Dhaka fashion scene for over a year or two and when you pair them up with a pair of leggings, you cannot help but admire the sense of style.

Say no to any kind of 'bling' or glitter here and there on your clothing. If you want to appear bold, pick an eye-catching colour like red or orange. Bright colours as such go very well with black and stands out in the middle of any crowd. Leggings and jeans are easily found all over Doja for prices like Tk 150-250 for leggings and Tk 300-800 for jeans.

Some water always helps in the summer!

If the boys are wondering, right about now, why they are reading this article, there are more than just 'stuff' in store for them in Doja! They have an exquisite collection of chequered and striped shirts that are absolutely perfect for the summer with both style and comfort taken into consideration. But if you are not the shirt kind (though, just a tip-- if attention is what you want, girls love guys in chequered shirts!), the t-shirt collection for boys in Doja is no less than that of girls. Starting from plain, to jerseys, to t-shirts with your favourite band's photo printed, Doja will not disappoint you. They even have a great collection of screen-printed t-shirts with quirky quotes and sayings that can match your personality well. The shirts will be around the Tk 200-300 and t-shirts will be available at Tk 150-200. Jeans and trousers are just as available as shirts and t-shirts, so there is no need to worry about what you will pair your crazy new t-shirt up with. Jeans for boys will cost around Tk 300 and above, depending on the quality. Of course, when you think bottom wear for the summer, the thought of shorts automatically creeps into your mind. Doja has an abundant collection of shorts, whether chequered or plain, in store for you. Another place to find comfortable and stylish t-shirts is Aziz Super Market. No surprise to any one, Aziz is a students' haven when it comes to clothes. If you have the time and energy to shop at Doja, then Aziz will be a piece of cake. The t-shirts there will cost one around Tk 200-300.

Bags are available in malls ranging in prices from Taka 500 and above.
Leggings are not only perfect for the summer look but are also easy to move around in.

Keeping these stores aside, what has really become a big deal in Dhaka city in the past few days are many online boutiques run by students themselves. Boutiques like Orange Theory, Wish List or The Online Boutique are a great choice for girls who want summer outfits that involve varieties of kurtis and kameezes. Though they cost slightly more than in the stores mentioned earlier, these clothes are either hand made, have hand painted creations on them or are specially designed by the owners. It is not surprising that people stress over footwear. In this heat, what kind of footwear you buy matters as much as anything else. You would not want to be seen wearing a funky t-shirt, jeans with a pair of uncomfortable pumps this summer. What you need are summer flats. Comfortable flat sandals are what will keep your feet happy during this harsh season. Elephant Road is like the Doja of shoes for students who are looking for good footwear at a reasonable price. But then, you also have to consider the random weather changes during this season when suddenly you hear a loud rumble in the sky and everything goes cold and dark and before you know it, your new flip-flops are ruined in mud and puddles. For times like these, Elephant Road offers a wonderful array of funky sponge sandals to soak that water right up and keep your feet dry as long as possible. The rubber ballet shoes, that have been very famous amongst girls for the past couple of years, are also a great option for rainy weather. And again, they go with most outfits, so there is not much to worry about. The flat sandals and shoes, in Elephant Road, will cost one around Tk 200-500. For girls there are a number of stores all around the city in malls like Rapa Plaza, Metro, Genetic Plaza and more where they sell cute little slippers and flats for only Tk 150.

You can find colourful beads in gawsia and make your own funky jewellery pieces.

Accessorising, with colour coordination in mind, is very important for that perfect summer look. Stores all around Dhanmondi will have nice colourful jewellery pieces for you. If you want the more traditional types, you can always try out Ideas (Asadgate and Banani road 11) or Piran (Dhanmondi 10/A). Bags are also useful accessories that you can find in any store in the malls mentioned above. Make sure to look for simple, brightly coloured ones. Sunglasses are also the handiest and most fashionable accessory one could possibly flaunt this season. They not only keep your eyes protected from the sun, they come in cute stylish designs for you to choose from. New Market and Farmgate have good stores where you can find shades of your liking for reasonable prices.

Summer is more than just a season -- it is a rush of feelings and thoughts, it is a time when people around the world are in the mood to relax and enjoy at the same time. And for that to happen, we need to be dressed accordingly and look and feel our best. Instead of lazying around, gear up and get going! The summer rush is waiting for you!


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