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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 24 | June 17, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Toilet Study Party

Every day after we had our assembly, the prefects always used to check the girls to see if they had their hair tied properly, their skirt was of the right length and had no makeup. My friends and I were the biggest rule breakers amongst the girls. I broke all the rules above. My hair was really long and I used to tie it in my own way. My friends and I got so tired of the prefects that one morning we decided to hide in the toilet till everybody was in their classrooms. In the toilet, we talked and also studied for a test! We had no idea about the time until a teacher and a helper knocked on the door. We started panicking so much that we acted like someone is actually doing their business. I let all the taps running. We realised that the tap broke and wouldn't stop running! We had no choice, but to surrender to the teacher. She was so shocked seeing the books that she ended up laughing and asking why we like studying in the toilet rather than our homes!

Nafeesa Rahman
Greenherald International School, Dhaka.

Sentence Making With “I”

One day, when I was in nursery, my teacher took a test in sentence making. She gave us some words and asked us to make sentences with them. I had almost completed making all my sentences when I got stuck trying to make a sentence with the word 'I'. I was running out of time and the teacher was about to take our test papers. But since I could not write a sentence with 'I', I suddenly, out of nowhere, asked my teacher what sentence I could make with 'I'. As expected, she answered my question with the utmost amount of anger saying, “I do not know.” I realised that the teacher told me the answer in her reply to me and that was the sentence I wrote on the test-paper! Later on, my teacher came and told me that she was not expecting me to find my answer in her reply because she, instead, wanted to let me know that I should not be asking her the question at all!

Zeenia Hossain
International Islamic University, Chittagong.

The Late Interview

Our college usually becomes festive when the HSC results are out. Reporters from various television channels come in the campus and interview some students who have gotten their results. They usually ask the students to express their feelings after getting such good grades. Last year, when the results were published, the reporters also came and interviewed one of my friends. They asked him, “What is your feeling after getting GPA 5 in the HSC exam?” He answered, “Yeah, I am feeling great after getting GPA 5 in the exam. My parents and teachers have supported me a lot.” After that short interview another friend asked him, “Why did you lie? You haven't even appeared in the HSC exam yet, let alone getting GPA 5.” He answered, “Who said I lied?! They just asked me about my feeling for getting GPA 5 in the exam. They didn't mention whether it was HSC or SSC exam. I got GPA 5 in the SSC exam. So, I did not lie, they just interviewed me late!” Not only did we laugh when he said this, the whole thing was even funnier when we watched the interview on television that night!

Fuad Hassan
Notre Dame College, Dhaka

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