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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 28 | July 15, 2012 |


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After Class

MME Day 2012:
Creating Buzz at BUET

Rubaiet Shattique
Photo: Department of mme, buet

Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME), BUET, celebrated the MME Day'12 through a two day long celebration with great enthusiasm. Starting on July 4, the programme was designed with seminars, symposiums and cultural events from the department. Students Association of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (SAMME) supervised the entire programme.

Department of MME has been producing quality metallurgist and materials scientists since 1954 at both home and abroad. It may be less familiar, but it has come a long way to contribute a lot with credible researches and development of newer knowledge in the vast fields of materials. Many people often find the department unknown, as Bangladesh is yet to progress in the course of industrialisation. In a nutshell, students of MME thrive to understand the language of materials (their different properties) and then they try to make materials understand their own language (modulate properties using different techniques) and thus, use them for various applications. Since its inauguration in 2004, SAMME has been celebrating MME Day in a grand manner. This is a great opportunity for the students, both old and new, to exchange their views and unleash their extracurricular talents during the festival.

The celebration consisted of seminers, fire shows and more.

This year the day included an inter batch football tournament, a technical session with the experts from the industries, a farewell and fresher's reception, a seminar on higher studies abroad and an eventful cultural night. Professor Dr Ehsanul Haque, Former Head of the department and member of UGC, said in a seminar,”We have come a long way since the introduction of this department in BUET. There were only a handful of students in the beginning and the department comprised of only a single class room and a laboratory back then. Our department has grown a lot, both in terms of size and research activities since, and I can see this onward march is relentless.” On July 4, the day was inaugurated by Professor Mohor Ali, Head of the department followed by a colourful rally and game show. During the evening an outstanding cultural function was staged by the students of MME, BUET. Fire breathers also took part and blew everyone's minds with their dazzling performance. On the following day, July 5, a very interactive technical session was held, chaired by Professor Dr A S W Kurny. This event was followed by a seminar on higher studies abroad, anchored by two distinguished alumni of the department pursuing PhD in the USA and Canada.

Another set of attraction was the logo design competition and a theme song of SAMME. It was released in a music video form. The decorators from MME department earned everyone's appreciation as every piece of art was spectacular. Students from all the batches of MME department took an active part in various events of the MME Day.

The horizon of MME today covers the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, steel, polymer, ceramics, glass, aviation, motor, ship, rocket and ammunition industry and so forth. As Bangladesh is aiming to industrialise and become self-sufficient in manufacturing sectors, the need and importance of MME graduates in Bangladesh is now more than ever. “Eras are defined by materials and we define materials”- the motto of MME Day 2012 sums it all up.

Book Review

A Priceless Memoir

Rakibul Hasan

The book '71 er rojnamcha' by Ahsan Habib retains a testimony of the tumultuous days of 1971. The author, only a class six student in 1971, experienced the events of the war very closely. Keeping a diary was the only pastime that could reassure his young mind about being alive. Some of the entries of the diary were rather hilarious explaining how the headstrong Pakistani soldiers were duped by the witty Bengalis, while some of the entries were soaked with the stories of blood and death of our Freedom Fighters. Unfortunately the diary was lost after the liberation war. After so many years of independence, Habib decided to revive the entries of his priceless diary from his memory to a book. The writing style, all through the book, is very easygoing and witty. As an additional attraction, the book was illustrated by the author himself who also happens to be a famous cartoonist. First published in Aumor Ekushey Boimela 2012, the book is published by the publication house, Borsha Dupur and it costs Tk 200.

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