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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 28 | July 15, 2012 |


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Feed Board

From Madrasah to University

Madrasah students cannot get enrolled in some undergraduate programmes in Dhaka University, despite ranking top in admission tests. This is due to the mark distribution of Dakhil and Alim Bengali and English exams, which is 100 each, unlike that of other college exams. The English syllabus of Madrasah is shorter than that of secondary schools too. Nowadays, more madrasah students are getting chances in B-Unit of Dhaka University than college students. This clearly shows that they are not less meritorious than college students. It is the system of the madrasah that needs to be worked on. To keep pace with students of other universities, the syllabi of madrasahs must be modified and madrasah students should be open minded to accept the new syllabi.

Rasel Osman
English Department, Dhaka College, Dhaka.

Great Work!

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

I want to congratulate and thank Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo for his impressive photos on the spotlight-- 'Slates, Smiles and Ambitions.' The pictures with boys and girls holding their books and slates, with their innocent faces, were quite refreshing to look at and start the day with. The pictures were very cheerful. As a reader, I hope to see more such outstanding photography of not only the poor and the grey side of our country, but also the joyful, cheerful and blazing colours. Photographs reveal stories. Hopefully, there will be more photo stories that reveal stories from different sectors and corners of the society that stay hidden.

Tahmidul Islam
Department of Statistics, Biostatistics and Informatics, University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

A Request

I request Star Campus not to publish obscene advertisements anymore such as the 'Kool' body spray. Such ads are ruining the spirit of the youth magazine. I urge you to think about the kind of impression the ads create amidst the young readers. There has been an earlier response (feed) regarding the 'Kool' ad, but the magazine published it again. I hope Star Campus does something to stop publishing such ads.

Bangladesh Navy College, Dhaka.

Suffering of Students

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

I am a first year college student of Notre Dame. A couple of days back, I went to my college by bus. The supervisor of the bus was taking the ticket money from passengers. When he came to me to take money, naturally I gave him half the amount, since I am a student. But the supervisor refused to take that amount and demanded that I pay in full. I chose not to create a big deal out of this, but such incidents can cause chaos between bus conductors and students, especially students who live on minimal pocket money. I don't think the government is equipped to monitor such small incidents, but some sort of system and plan should be implemented, in order to create a just environment, not only for students, but also for bus conductors.

Amran Hossain
Notre Dame College, Dhaka.



What's Playing?
1. Rupali rod- Arnob
2. Ekta chhele- Sahana bajpayi
3. Obak bhalobasha- Warfaze
4. Udashi- Feedback
5. Je poth e pothik nei- James
6. What if god was one of us- Joan Osborne
7. Zephyr song- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
8. People are strange- The Doors
9. If I sing a song- Dave Mathews band
10. Hey Jude- The Beatles
11. Bird and the Worm- Owl City

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