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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 28 | July 15, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Cell Phone Mischief!

When I was in class nine, a funny incident happened in my class room. My friend, Maria, and I were fiddling with our cell phones during our Higher Math class. Maria prodded the phone on the iron handle of the bench to make different sounds and also to make the entire bench vibrate. We continued doing it as we found it really amusing. All of a sudden, a girl shouted out "Teacher, someone has brought a mobile phone!” At once, everyone grew suspicious. Teachers and volunteers came to search our benches and started asking us questions. We dodged the whole inquiring by making up stories. The incident makes me laugh even today.

Fariha Ferdous Deeny
Viqarunnisa Noon School,

Bag: Stuck!

This happened only a couple of days back. My friends and I were doing our class in a normal, regular way. At the end of our Bangla class, our teacher asked us to go to the second floor, where our next class would take place. We left our bags in the classroom where our Bangla class had taken place. It was only after we returned to this class that we found the classroom locked, and no one could find the key to the lock. Even the in-charge did not find the key. We only managed to get hold of our bags the next day! It was quite an eventful and unusual day for the girls in class.

Fariha Rahman
Mirpur Girl's Ideal Laboratory Institute,

Perfect Finish!

For me, school was like entering a play ground. One time, just before our final exams started, I opted to play in a tournament with my seniors. Being the impatient person I am, I bunked one of my exams to go and play with the seniors. After playing for over one hour I noticed the teacher, who was taking our exam, was looking at me from the balcony. So not to get into any more trouble I ran to him and started making up excuses about how I thought the exam was going to start late. He gave me thirty minutes to sit for the exam and said that if I don't pass he will complain to my parents about bunking. It has been five years since that happened. And now I play football with my physics teacher every now and then. This happened because I scored a 92 percent in those thirty minutes.

Shafkat Hossain
Shaheen English Medium School,

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