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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 30 | July 29, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Rhythm of Life

Dancer Prothoma
Talks to
Naziba Basher


I joined Moghbazar Girl's High School in class 3. I was in another school before that. In our school, every time the seniors would graduate, we would have a big show. Since third grade, I had been a performer of that very show. I performed in all of them all the way until my SSC exams. The best part was that even if I did not enter my name as a performer, my teachers were so attached to me and appreciated my dance so much that they would enter my name themselves. Even now, when I meet them here and there, they ask about my dance and tell me never to give it up. They, literally, saw me grow as a dancer and because of their undying support, my school memories are more worth cherishing.

I attended Motijheel Model High School and College after class 10. Something I remember from college (Classes 11 and 12) is that when I was in my first year (Class 11), some men from IDB Computer City had visited our campus. They held a small competition where around 1000 students had been a part of. They asked us three computer based general knowledge questions and whoever answered, received a prize. I answered one of the questions and got a prize too! They later asked me if I wanted to study computers in the future but evidently, things went differently. During this time, my friends and I entered an inter-college dance competition held by ATN Bangla, the TV channel. I remember being the proud winner of that competition and making a name for myself and my institution.

After that I got into Stamford University to study BBA (majoring in Marketing). The most memorable time in university, for me, was when I once got a 22 on 30 in a math exam. Neither the teacher nor I had expected it. We both thought I would do much better. After he showed me where I went wrong, I refused to believe that it was a mistake and I had challenged him that if he checks it properly, he will realise that I was right. He accepted my challenge and later, did realise that I was, in fact, correct!

Dance was something that was always a part of me. I joined dance school when I was 5 years old and I have had the same guru since then, Guru Shukla Sarkar. My father, Milan Bhattacharjee, initially wanted me to sing and I had even started training. But it was my grandmother who wanted me to dance. When I started dancing and my parents noticed my interest, they supported me and gave me the confidence I needed. In the 22 years that I have been dancing, I can never say that my family was not by my side.

I just completed my MBA and am currently an ECA (Extra-Curricular Activity) club teacher for dance in Sunbeams School. As for future plans, I want to go to Chennai someday and join Kalakshetra and get a degree in Bharatanatyam.

I believe children nowadays have very less patience. Most get into dance schools to be famous. But that catch is, if you do not have the passion, you can never go too far. The basic of any form of art is what matters the most. If you have a strong base and enough patience, you can reach great heights. I hope the upcoming generation can remove all the negative thoughts people have about dancing and show the true colours and beauty of it. Remember to explore your talent and be a versatile performer and you will surely touch the hearts of your audience.

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