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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 30 | July 29, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

'Breaking and exiting'

It was my second day in college and my friends and I could not wait to just get out of class and be free. After our class was over, we all went out to play some football. It was all fun until I suddenly picked the ball up and hit, involuntarily, towards a window. We all just stood there and watched the window shatter into a million pieces. We just did not know what to do. Our principal, immediately, came to know about the broken window and came to look for us but we ran out of the campus as soon as possible. The next day, our principal looked for us all around the college but we made sure he did not find us. Finally, we got ourselves out of punishment and A LOT of yelling! This incident still cracks me up.

Mahamudul Karim Mufte
St Joseph Higher Secondary School,

Surprise Attack!

Our class was the naughtiest of all in our school. I remember this one time when we used to take pen drives, games, albums and such computer gadgets to school. We specialised ourselves into different tasks. One of us downloaded the latest songs, one was engaged on the movies, one got hold of the latest trailers and so on. Somehow our class teacher got to know about our innovative ideas and opted to make prefects in our section to put an end to this. But his action came to no avail when the prefects themselves did not stop bringing their own gadgets and so there were no changes in the entire class. Suddenly, on this one random day our class teacher came up and commenced checking our school bags all by himself. We were not at all prepared for this surprise attack. So as expected, everyone got their electronics and gadgets seized. In addition, the prefects got an after-school detention of an hour for two weeks. That was a lesson well learned!

Afnan Bin Ashraf
Academia, Dhaka.

Toffee Love

I was extremely fond of toffees when I was very young. I was the youngest among my brothers and sisters. One night I was preparing for an exam that was supposed to take place the next day. I was studying aloud and was totally into the books. I hardly paid any heed to my surroundings. All of a sudden my elder brother came into my room and very excitedly put his hand in front of me and said, “Hey, look at this!” I looked at his hand and saw something white, like Polo or some kind of toffee. I just grabbed it and put it in my mouth. With utmost disgust I screamed, “What is this?” and threw it out. My brother said, “I came to show you my tooth that just got uprooted today!”

Sanita Ferdousi
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB),

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