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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 35 | September 02, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

My Dancing Pants

When I was a student of class 2, I used to dance. There was a cultural event at school and I was supposed to dance in a group along with some other students. We practiced for a week; we got our costumes ready and eagerly waited for the day when we would get our make up done and get on stage. When the day of the event arrived, I was excitedly getting ready at home. My costume was a white lungi with a white kameez. Since I was only a child, I used to wear shorts underneath my clothes. But unfortunately, I could not find any of my shorts that day. Then finally, I wore a pair that was very loose. Sadly, I did not have any other option. However, when I started dancing, I felt my pants falling slowly. I became very conscious but did not stop dancing. Then suddenly I took a turn and my pants fell off completely! I dropped on the ground and pulled my pants back up within seconds! Fortunately, most of the people did not notice this but it was very embarrassing nonetheless. It was as if my pants were dancing instead of me! After that, I named that pair 'the dancing pants'!

Sonali Tabassum
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Vaseline Hair

When I was in class 5, our maths teacher, Farzana miss, used to scold some of the boys in our class because they used to spike their hair. Our teacher did not like this at all. Everyday they used to spike their hair and everyday the teacher used to get annoyed and yell at them. They did not listen to her at all. So, one day the teacher did something which was unexpected and extremely hilarious! I had a friend who used to carry a jar of vaseline in her bag. Farzana miss, to teach them a lesson, took that jar of vaseline and applied a handful of it on the boys' hair to destroy the spikes and make their hair all smooth. That incident still makes me laugh!

Farah Alam

Ringtone Phobia

When I was in my first semester at the Department of Economics, Dhaka University, I had an awful experience. During math class, our teacher told us to keep our phones on silent mode. Accordingly, all of our classmates did that except for a few of us. When sir was about to deliver his lecture, my friend's phone started ringing loudly. Sir reacted to that immediately and my classmate was heavily punished! All of us laughed at him and I was telling him that he should have kept his phone on silent mode. A few seconds later, my phone started to ring and what was worse was that my ringtone was a loud sound of shattering glasses. I could not turn it off instantly. Sir got furious and I was in the firing line! He scolded me a lot and along with it gave me a 5 marks penalty! I was really ashamed and was worried about my grades. From then on until to my Masters Degree, I seldom forget to keep my phone on silent mode before entering classes.

Mir Angkur
University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

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