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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 37 | September 16, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

The Drawbacks of Cheating.

Back in school, everyone waited to sit beside me during English exams because I always scored the highest in that particular subject. One fine day, before our English exam was about to start, the regular "ami tomar pashe boshbo (I will sit beside you)" fights began. Finally, one of my classmates sat next to me. It was pretty obvious that during the exam he was copying down everything that I was writing. As I was only a fourth grader, and an easy going child, I remained quiet. Finally, we gave our papers. As it was a class test, our teacher started checking the papers and suddenly she went, "Oh! I see! A new student. So, When did the new Tasmiah join school?" At first I was confused, but then I realised, being engrossed in cheating, my classmate actually wrote my name instead of his. All my friends burst out laughing. The funniest part was, my classmate was a boy, and he had written down a girl's name on his paper. After that day, he never wanted to sit beside me again.

Tasmiah B Shahriar
British School of Law, Dhaka.

Upcoming Scientists

When I was a 6th grader, our classes were being conducted beside the science laboratory. But as juniors, we did not have the permission to enter that particular room. One day, out of curiosity, my friends and I went inside the room. We entered the room and handled different chemicals without precaution. Some of us were stating, "Gacher o je pran ache ta proman korte hobe. (It should be proved that even plants have life)” and all of a sudden our class teacher, Sulaiman sir, rushed inside in a hurry. We did not notice anything and we kept having fun and playfully mixing those unknown different coloured chemicals with each other. He caught us with the chemical jars in hand. It's quite obvious what had happened next!

Md. Sakawat Hossain Saikat
University of Chittagong,

Ammonia Troubles

When I was in the ninth grade, chemistry lab classes were complusory for us. None of the students usually looked forward to these boring lab classes. But it was in the nature of some of us smarty-pants to create havoc enough to wake everyone up. So what we used to do was pour some concentrated ammonia solution during each lab class. (For those who don't know: Ammonia smells of concentrated rotten urine). And thus, when the smell diffused throughout the entire room, we used to start a chaos, gagging and choking (pretending to) and then we would just take off. Our chemistry teacher, never really understood the reason behind all this havoc, and used to go to the supervisor, complaining about how he is annoyed that the school staff didn't clean the bathrooms properly!

Tasnia Hossain
Maple Leaf International School,

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