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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 39 | September 30, 2012 |


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Ruling Through Music!

Rakibul Hasan
Talks to
Shakib Chowdhury

Courtesy: Mahmudul Hasan Rony

I studied in Scholastica School, Dhaka. Back then the school did not have a very large campus and also had fewer students. Almost all the students used to know each other. Unlike many other schools, we did not have big fields to play in, but there were plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities. There was a range of after-school clubs such as debate club, drama club and so on. I still cherish the memory of celebrating with my classmates whenever our school cricket team won a tournament despite the fact that I was never into sports. I was very passionate about performing for the school drama club and my first performance in front of a large audience was in a drama called 'Tasher Desh' staged in the auditorium of the National Museum.

As a student, I was not very attentive. But, somehow all my teachers have always been very fond of me! Maybe the reason was that, even though I was a bit of a brat at times, I was very serious about exams and never got poor grades.

When I was young, I used to memorise the title songs of several cartoon series' shown on TV and would sing them occasionally. So, it was only natural that I grew up loving music. However, my taste in music changed as I grew up, and I fell completely headlong into heavy metal music. Legendary heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Megadeath marked my adolescent years. After being promoted to class eleven, some of my friends and I decided to form a school band, which later on emerged as Cryptic Fate, the band I currently play and sing for. We got extensive support from our school authority to form the band and they even managed a special room for us to jam in.

Soon after I was done with my O levels (Grade 10), I took the SAT tests and got admitted into Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), for my bachelors in Marketing. At first it was quite boring in IUB since all my friends from school had left to study abroad and I knew almost no one on campus. However, eventually I got accustomed to the vibe in IUB and made a lot of friends.

The year 1995 was quite special for me since it was when Cryptic Fate's first studio album named 'Ends are Forever' was released and after that we began to perform quite regularly as a band. Currently, we are working on our new album named 'Jantrik Golojog', which will be coming out in February next year.

I have never perceived music as a profession. It has always been my passion. My future plan is to rule the world with music! To all the young musicians out there, my message would be, “Try hard so that you can find your own voice and make a difference.”


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