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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 39 | September 30, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

The Unfolding Collar

It was during a dreadful Math exam at Saint Joseph College. The hours were intense and there was no time to waste. After about an hour, I noticed Prince sir (who was the invigilator) going up to a student and ordering him to fold his collar. The boy followed his order. After about another 20 minutes, I saw sir going up to the same boy and scolding him because he had unfolded his collar once again. Again he folded his collar. Prince sir went out for a couple of moments and that boy unfolded his collar again (little did he know that sir was coming back!). So, when sir returned, he went to the boy straight away. He asked him what his problem was. The boy replied that his collar got unfolded by itself! Then, without wasting a second, sir brought a stapler and stapled his collar to his shirt and said, with an evil grin, "Let's see how it unfolds itself now." We laughed out loud even in the middle of those intense hours! The memory still amuses me.

Shouvik Shadman
Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School, Dhaka.

Ashamed in Lab

When I was in eleventh grade, I would never attend the Botanic lab classes. During the lab exam, the teacher instructed us to dissect a certain flower into two pieces using a knife. Since I never attended the classes, I didn't even understand what the teacher said. I started to dissect the branch of that flower instead of dividing the body of the flower. Right then the teacher came and looked at me with utter amazement. He took the pieces including the flower from my hand. I got curious to know how he would react. I thought, he would like what I had done and would praise me. But instead of praising me, he showed what I had done to the entire class. And right then, after seeing it, they all burst out laughing! I immediately understood that, what I had done was all wrong! I never skipped the Botanic lab classes after that!

Atickur Rahaman (Akash)
Government B L College, Khulna.

Shouting and Singing

When I was in class seven, there was a teacher named Krishna Pada Chakroborty who used to take our Social Science class. He was a very strict teacher and often used very harsh and rough words with the students, even if someone made the smallest of mistakes. Sometimes, it was very difficult for us to get good grades from him. So we, the students of class seven, planned to disturb him and drive him away from our class. The next day, when he had entered the class we started making a lot of noise by shouting and talking aloud. We also played the bass of the song "We Will Rock You" on our desks. Some boys started to sing the song. Every time the teacher would turn to us, we would stop. But when he turned to the board to write, we started shouting again. Unfortunately, we spent the whole year doing this. But when the yearly results came out, most of us failed in Social Science since we were not attentive. But the fun we had can never be forgotten!

Alvie Md Haider
Notre Dame College, Dhaka.

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