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     Volume 6 | Issue 39 | September 30, 2012 |


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Trilby hats can add spunk to one's outfit.

Flat caps can make a powerful fashion statement.  

Topping It Off with hats

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Autumn is here. What we expect from it: fresh breeze, rustling leaves, a bit of drizzle here and there and warm cups of tea on the roadside. What we get: scorching sun, intense humidity and random weather change from extremely sunny to sticky rain. These are some of the things we have to deal with when we live in Bangladesh. But as always, fashion is there to help us!

To deal with the sun, as helpful as sunglasses are, a lot of people forget about the age-old hats or caps. Hats can play a vital role in one's fashion statement and even in adjusting to the weather. There are different kinds of hats and caps available to go well with your outfit. Of course, for girls it will be difficult to mix and match these accessories with all kinds of clothing, so, as expected, western is preferred when one wants to pull off a look with hats or caps.

Baseball caps are the typical kind with the hardened flap in the front. Boys can wear this with almost anything (except formals or panjabis. In that case, it's a complete no no!) Whether it is with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or pair of shorts and hoodies, baseball caps are bound to perk up your attire. Girls can wear baseball caps with jerseys and jeans or even a normal t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

Beanies are another kind of hat that brings a lot of suave to one's get-up. Since winter is on its way, loading up on this accessory will be a good investment for the upcoming months. These hats are perfect for girls wearing any form of western attire. They can go with formals, casuals, skirts or pants if worn properly and of course, with attitude! Boys can also make use of these hats with their attire. Although, it will be difficult for them to pull this off with a variety of clothing, but with casual and outgoing outfits, these fit perfectly.

Berets (the French caps) are extremely stylish and it can definitely add immensely to one's outfit if worn with the perfect kinds of clothes. For boys, a casual shirt and a pair of formal pants worn with loafers can go beautifully with this hat. For girls, skirts or even formal pants with a casual yet fancy top will compliment the beret very well. Much like the berets, flat caps can also be worn with the same kind of outfits.

Fedora hats, bucket hats, fisherman's caps are all good options to keep away from the sun and they will also help accentuate your style. Trilby hats are more the funky type. One needs a lot of spunk to pull these hats off. They go with formals and casuals alike, but they still need a little bit of attitude from the wearer to pull it off elegantly. Straw hats are also very stylish. Girls can wear straw hats during this weather because it is the kind of hat that will give you the ultimate shield from the sun. But these hats also need a lot of care to be worn with. Western and summery clothes will compliment these hats very well.

All these hats, at least most of them, believe it or not, can be found in New Market. If one is looking for the more stylish and fancy type, he or she can look around in stores like Cats Eye and Ecstasy, but the prices of those may be a little harsh on one's wallet.In New Market, hats and caps can be found in prices ranging from Tk 100 to Tk 200.

With the heat of the sun in action, these accessories can be very helpful for anyone to keep away from the sun and simultaneously, with winter not too far off, they can help keep your ears warm! So why not load up on this extremely handy accessory and add a little sparkle to your fashion sense?

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