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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 02| January 13, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

Prank on Nani

During Eid holidays, my family and I went to Dinajpur to celebrate. On the next day, we went to one of my maternal grandmother’s (my mom's aunt) house at Majhadanga. My cousin, Logno, and I started to play with two of our younger cousins, Mim and Jim. Amidst all the joy and laughter, all of a sudden, we heard a loud cry coming from my right side where Logno was sitting. I looked at her and started laughing immediately! Logno's clothes were completely wet and so was the bed sheet (I am sure you guys know how that happened). After a while, another one of my mom's aunts came in and. I got up and hugged her and suddenly thought of playing a prank on her. I greeted her and said, “Nani, why are you standing, come on, please sit down” and made her sit on the bed, on that specific part which was still wet! As you can understand, that ended in a lot of screams and laughter!
Maisha Ibnat

Rajuk Uttara Model School and College

A Devoted Student

One day, in our Physics class, we were making a lot of noise, even though our teacher was in class. To get us to be quiet, he asked us to solve an equation. Right then, our Vice Principal came in to check why we were making so much noise. We all shut up and started concentrating on our work without delay. He asked, “Who was making so much noise? Raise your hand.” We got scared and none of us moved. Suddenly one boy, who was very engrossed in his work, raised his hand. We all looked at him with utter shock. Then, for the first time, that boy spotted our Vice Principal in the class. Sir asked “So you made all those noise?” That boy was dumbfounded and answered, “Sir, I raised my hand because I solved the equation our teacher gave us.” At this, everyone in the class, including our Vice Principal, burst out laughing.

Sithi Shayonti Dutta
HURDCO International School

Bathroom 911

When I was in class four, I was terrified of math. It wasn't just the subject; the teacher in my school was also terrifying. All the students in my class used to be afraid of him. He would come to class with a stick and never listened to anybody. One day, while he was taking a class, a boy asked him if he could go to the washroom. The teacher, bursting with anger, told him that he could not and that if he disturbed the class once more, he would experience a bether bari. But a couple of minutes later he again asked the teacher if he could go to the washroom. This time the teacher was bursting into flames and came towards the boy at a very angry pace. The boy got so frightened that he started crying. And that was when things got worse! The boy peed in the classroom! Our math teacher simply could not understand the urgency. And from that day on, he would give extra attention to anyone who wanted to go to the washroom.

Uday Adommo
Biam Laboratory School, Dhaka.

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