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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 7 | Issue 08| February 24, 2013 |


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Ekushey Boi Mela

Nanyo Kabyo

The book 'Nanyo Kabyo' is proof of unique poetic skills showcased by young poet Asif Mehdi. Readers will find couplets of different forms and tastes. Mehdi draws the inspiration to write these poems from different aspects of urban life. Interestingly enough, most of Mehdi's couplets were first written on mobile phones when the poet had to be stuck in long traffic jams. 'Nanyo Kabyo' is published by Adee Prokason and costs Tk 100.


Feltu bahini

For young readers, the book 'Feltu bahini' by Shah Alam Shazu will be a key to a magical world of ghosts, angels and friendly parrots. Adult readers would also find the book nostalgic and indeed, magical! The book will make anyone nostalgic about the good old childhood days. The short stores in the book are unique with their subjects and characters. 'Feltu bahini' is published by Tamralipi Publication and costs Tk 120.



Tomake Astei Hobe

'Tomake Astei Hobe' is a collection of lyric poems by renowned musician Joy Shariar. As the title suggests, the book will be a good read for those who consider romance to be an integral part of their life. As an additional fact, the wonderful cover of the book was actually drawn by the author himself. 'Tomake Astei Hobe' is published by Ajob Publication and costs
Tk 60.




Jamal Nazrul Islam

Bangladeshi mathematical physicist and cosmologist Jamal Nazrul Islam was born on 24 February 1939 (today is his 74th birthday!) in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh. He studied at Chittagong Collegiate School, going on to Lawrence College in Marit, West Pakistan where he passed the Senior Cambridge and Higher Senior Cambridge exams. He received a BSc degree from St Xavier's College at the University of Calcutta. He again obtained a BA and an MA from Trinity College, Cambridge. Islam obtained his PhD in applied mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge in 1968, followed by a DSc in 1982. He is a professor at Chittagong University, a member of the advisory board at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology and a member of the syndicate at Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology. He is the director of the Research Centre for Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Chittagong University.

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