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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 7 | Issue 08| February 24, 2013 |


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Celeb Tips

The Journey to Looking
'Hot - Shakib's Special Diet Plans

Naziba Basher

Shakib’s daily meal plan. Photo Courtesy: Shakib Chowdhury

It all started with a music video called 'Jack Sparrow' by Lonely Island where singer Michael Bolton, amongst the various characters that he portrayed in that video, was an appealing, suited, booted, 'kinda-sorta' Godfather. “That was the moment I decided that I want to look 'hot'!” says musician Shakib Chowdhury, vocalist and bassist, from the famous rock band Cryptic Fate.

Shakib, never so overly concerned with his weight, decided that he had to look more appealing to his audience and thus, decided to look the part of the 'sexy rock star'. Following a strict diet since then, he has managed to lose ten pounds in three months. He has already had experience with this particular diet in the pursuit of his childhood crush. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get the girl and eventually gave up trying to lose weight for a lost cause. What did he do for his remorse? He ate.

“After that I never really put in so much of an effort into losing weight, especially after I realised that I don't really need to be thin to get girls! I got my fare share of girlfriends and I was perfectly fine with the way I looked. Until, of course, Michael Bolton caught my attention!” says Shakib. Even though he believes ten pounds in three months does not make too much of a difference and is a slow improvement, he also believes that the faster you lose weight, the easier it is for one to gain weight. “I want to make sure I take it slow. There are times when one loses weight rapidly and their skin ends up becoming saggy and hanging. It's repulsive!” Shakib exclaims.

Avoiding loose skin hanging from the arms, which may be treated like play-thing by friends at one point; Shakib also does some cardiovascular exercises in the gym. When it comes to following routines, much like me, he is not a big fan.

Shakib Chowdhury. Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Shakib's diet is no Atkins, but rest assured, it has its way with the lipids. “My diet is simple and that is one of the reasons I can follow it easily. For breakfast, I have a piece of brown bread, cheese (Bangladeshi paneer), omelette and a cup of honey tea. After I get to work, I have another cup of honey tea. Then for lunch, I skip the rice and stick to a bowl of lentil soup, one piece of any cooked poultry and some spinach if available. I don't eat anything until dinner. Then for dinner I have some rice since I sit with my folks at the table and there's always some good food for me to have with rice. So I take just one teacup full of rice and have whatever curry or vegetable item is available,” says Shakib.

He would initially jog for some exercise but now Shakib has grand plans to add to his journey to hotness—buying a bike! He says, “I decided to buy a bike and ride it on my way back home from work. My car's probably going to be there anyway, following me, so I can just keep my bags and whatever in the car and just ride my bike. And, of course, if I end up getting tired, I can always get into my car and go home. It's a fool-proof plan!”

Shakib thinks it is always best to be fit and healthy. To him, being fat is not a problem until it reaches the point of obesity, so as long as your health is intact and your organs are functioning properly, nothing should be much of a problem. (Until, of course, you want to look as hot as Michael Bolton!)

So how does he keep up with it? “It's tough but then I think about how hot I can be! And the best part is that if you believe you are losing weight, you will lose weight. That in itself is motivation. But whether I get hungry or not is a completely different story. I starve! The long gap between my lunch and dinner is the hardest to go through. I end up wanting to chew on my laptop, I get so hungry!” shares Shakib.

Most people go to doctors and dieticians when it comes to losing weight. But our 'to-be hot rock star' will play the game a little different-- “Doctors are overrated. They tell me that themselves. A doctor I know once told me that if I want to live a long and healthy life, I should stay away from doctors! So yeah, no doctor's opinion for me, thanks!”

Whether it is to fit into the superhero or comic strip t-shirts he always longed for when he would go shopping abroad or for the mere reason to look 'hot', Shakib is on an incredible journey from capsicum to green chilli. So here we are, fans and lovers, waiting for a Cryptic Fate concert where we will get to witness slim and sexy rock star, Shakib Chowdhury. Until then, don't let the lard get to you!


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