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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 08| February 24, 2013 |


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News Snap

University Level Basketball Tournament hosted by MGT 808

The event management company MGT 808, in association with Gulshan Youth Club, is hosting the DPS Inter Private University Boys Basketball Tournament 2013, and the DPS 4x4 Girls Basketball Tournament. The Tournament which started on February 15,2013 is being hosted at the Gulshan Youth Club ground. Teams from North South University, Independent University, Bangladesh, BRAC University, East West University, LCBS Dhaka, and LCLS South are participating in both the boys and girls tournaments. There are also some mixed school teams participating in the girl's tournament. The final is being held on February 23, 2013. In the girls tournament, Wildcats and Beamers will be facing off in the final, while the boys finalist have still not been decided, but North South University, a powerhouse in the boys University level are the favorites to win the title. Dhaka Paranormal Society (DPS) are the title sponsors of the tournament, with Café Hollywood providing the awards, and Baburchi Catering being the food and beverage sponsor.

courtesy: MGT-808

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