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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 09| March 03, 2013 |


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Campus Trends

The Shahbag Factor

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

The new trend is Shahbag- plain and simple. It is the talk of the town, it is the centre of attention, and it is a revolution. Shahbag is all about love- it is about the love for one's country, one’s motherland. As much as slogans, chants, and songs do to keep this love alive, adding a spark of some country lovin' fashion will do nothing but add to the spirit.

Shahbag is young and what portrays the patriotic youth the most in Dhaka city? Kurtas and kurtis! Load up on kurtis, girls. Jatra, Aarong, and even online stores on Facebook like Orange Theory and more, have different arrays of kurtis to suit your liking. Other local boutiques will also have a number of kurtis to pick from.

Shahbag is brave. Pick bold colours. Reds, oranges, yellows, and other warm colours will scream out courage in a crowd. With these kurtis, skinny jeans and jeggings will be perfect, but make sure you contrast well, for example- a bright yellow kurti with dark blue skinnies would catch attention. Although, it is always safe to carry a scarf or pashmina shawl with you to keep yourself covered- not just for the sudden chilly nights, but also because you never know what kind of people you have to come across. It is always a good idea to dress according to crowd, so keep your shawl as a safety precaution.


Red and green will always strike a patriotic chord, no matter who wears them.

Shahbag is Bangladesh. Throw in some red and green to your ensemble. Carrying the national flag won't be a bad idea either, maybe even tie it around your head like a bandana! When the atmosphere is one where the whole nation is united, red and green will go with just about anything. With your yellow kurti, wear black skinny jeans, a pair of green flat sandals, green earrings and a red dot on your forehead- striking, elegant and balanced. You have Shahbag all over you!

Accessorising also plays a big role into dressing in the spirit of Shahbag. The headbands are very 'in' nowadays. They are available all around Shahbag. There are headbands, wristbands, banners and many more. Pick your favourites, be a part of this revolution and look the part.

Indulge into the protesting spirit and look the part.

There are stores all around where you will get all you need to show your patriotism. For the boys, Aziz Supermarket is right around the corner and it is an absolute haven for t-shirt lovers. As mentioned time and again, Aziz Super Market has a wonderful array of different t-shirts with different themes, and a lot of them are very patriotic. Go there and pick some out with some famous quotes, or even just the map of Bangladesh. Even some famous 'Che' caps can be seen on the surface of the crowd as young boys' heads bob up and down on their way to the Chattar.

If you haven't been to Projonmo Chattar yet and are planning on going there soon, or even if you're protesting from your own university, or school, make sure you carry the spirit of Shahbag with you- not just in your heart and mind but also in your style!

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