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Volume 2 Issue 2 | February 2007



Original Forum Editorial

Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Who will provide the political base for reform?-- Rehman Sobhan
Breathing space for a new party?-- Farid Bakht
February 1969: Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case -- Syed Badrul Ahsan
The Fakhruddin government:
No easy option
-- Rounaq Jahan
Our window on the world -- Rafiq Hasan
Bangladesh 2006: A human rights audit -- Hameeda Hossain
Photo Feature
Cautionary tales from Rangoon -- Larry Jagan
Has regime change boomeranged? -- M Shahid Alam
The question of poverty reduction in Pakistan -- Akmal Hussain
Why Mahmud can't be a pilot -- Naeem Mohaiemen
Banished to a better life? -- Maria Chaudhuri
The evolution of monotheism-- Zeeshan Hasan
Late Said -- Fakrul Alam
The women in his life -- Rubaiyat Hossain


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Photo Feature

The night of January 11. The nation holds its breath. Telephones ring off the hook as people desperately attempt to comprehend the enormity of the occasion. No one knows exactly what is happening. Emergency has been declared. Curfew from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am has been imposed. An ominous and uneasy silence descends as the nation waits in trepidation for the uncertainty to resolve itself. These pictures, taken from a Dhaka roof-top that night, capture the tension and apprehension of this anxious moment in our nation's history.

A photo feature by Amirul Rajiv

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