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Volume 2 Issue 1 | January 2007



Original Forum Editorial

Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Who will provide the political base for reform?-- Rehman Sobhan
Breathing space for a new party?-- Farid Bakht
February 1969: Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case -- Syed Badrul Ahsan
The Fakhruddin government:
No easy option
-- Rounaq Jahan
Our window on the world -- Rafiq Hasan
Bangladesh 2006: A human rights audit -- Hameeda Hossain
Photo Feature
Cautionary tales from Rangoon -- Larry Jagan
Has regime change boomeranged? -- M Shahid Alam
The question of poverty reduction in Pakistan -- Akmal Hussain
Why Mahmud can't be a pilot -- Naeem Mohaiemen
Banished to a better life? -- Maria Chaudhuri
The evolution of monotheism-- Zeeshan Hasan
Late Said -- Fakrul Alam
The women in his life -- Rubaiyat Hossain


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Month in review: International

The Democrats takes control of the US Congress for the first time in 12 years, as the full impact from the congressional elections held in November finally hit the Bush administration. Nancy Pelosi is sworn in as the first female speaker of the House, vowing to hold Republican President George W Bush accountable for the Iraq quagmire.

Commenting on the hanging Saddam Hussein, US President George W Bush says: "I wish, obviously, that the proceedings had ... gone in a more dignified way. But nevertheless, he was given justice." The move comes as Bush and the United States receive much criticism from the Muslim world for his execution coinciding with the Muslim religious holiday Eid.

On January 9, the United States openly intervenes in Somalia, attacking Islamist positions in the south of Somalia over three days. Hundreds are reported dead. American intervention comes as the first public display of involvement since the latest civil conflict in Somalia broke out in May 2006 between the Islamic Court Union and the ARPCT.

On January 11, US forces braek into Iran's consulate in Arbil after disarming its guards and using force to break open the gate of the consulate building. It is believed that a number of Iranian officials were arrested as a result of the raid, as the United States claims that they have evidence of Iranian interference in Iraq. The event stands as one of a series of antagonistic acts by the US and Iran and relations sour considerably between the two nations.

On January 11, China's anti-satellite weapons test raises concerns throughout the world about the rising militarization of space. Analysts state that China's weather satellite travels at about the same altitude as a US spy satellites and claim that the test represents an indirect threat to US defence systems. After a long delay, China finally acknowledges the test on January 23.


Photos: AFP, TV GRAB

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