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Volume 2 Issue 8 | Septembert 2007



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Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Shadows of past protest- - Rashida Ahmad and Amirul Rajiv
Inflation and price fixing--Niaz Murshed
Let's go to the videotape-- Jyoti Rahman
The rise, the fall, and the future of student politics -- Rumi Ahmed
Same-side coal-- Md. Khalequzzaman
Rags to riches … what next?-- Ghulam Rahman
A little learning -- Enamul Haque
Photo Feature --After the Rains 
What's wrong with this picture?-- Lubna Choudhury
The death of Salvador Allende -- Syed Badrul Ahsan
Islam now, China then: Any parallels?--M. Shahid Alam
Breaking the Tibet myth-- Wasfia Nazreen
Of wars and generals-- Megasthenes
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Month in review: Bangladesh

Amirul Rajiv

DU protest

Dhaka University erupts in violence on August 20 after army personnel manhandle students following an altercation at a football game. Thousands of students take to the streets to protest, demanding removal of the army camp from the university campus and an apology for the incident. Students fight pitched battles with the police that leave hundreds injured as the unrest spreads first to campuses and then to localities all across the country, leading to vandalism and destruction of property.

Rangs Bhaban comes down
Amirul Rajiv

Rajuk begins its demolition of the upper stories of Rangs Bhaban on August 3 after the Supreme Court overrules the High Court judgment that had declared valid the construction beyond the sixth floor of the 22-floor building. The court's ruling paves the way for demolition above the sixth floor of the Tk 700 crore building to set the stage for the purchase by the government and eventual demolition of the entire structure.

Amirul Rajiv

Deluge continues

Floods continue to cause havoc the length and breadth of the country, leaving over six hundred dead and millions homeless or displaced, according to latest estimates. Although the floodwaters appeared to recede near the end of the month, damage to crops is estimated to exceed Tk 2,000 crore and thousands remain stricken with water-borne diseases, specially diarrhoea, caused by contamination of the ground-water and overloading of sewerage systems caused by the flooding.

Bangabandhu murder case

Hearing of the Bangabandhu murder case resumes after six years on August 7 at the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. The court sits to hear the leave to appeal petitions filed by four convicts -- Lt. Col. (retd) Bazlul Huda, Lt. Col. (retd) Syed Faruk Rahman, Maj. (retd) Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan, and Lt. Col. (retd) Mohiuddin Ahmed. Another condemned prisoner, Maj. (retd) A.K.M. Mohiuddin, also files an appeal through the jail authorities in June, following his extradition from the US.

Chittagong clash
Zobaer Hossain Sikder

Fighting breaks out in Chittagong on August 9 between the police and some 600 workers of Amin Jute Mills who are agitating for outstanding wages. One labourer is killed and about 80, including 30 policemen, are injured in the clashes when the police fire tear gas canisters into and charge the agitators. Mostly hailing from the northern districts, the demonstrators were demanding wages unpaid for about three weeks.

Amirul Rajiv
10-year high

Inflation rate on a point-to-point basis reaches a 10-year high of 9.20% in the middle of the month, threatening to reach double-digits soon due to floods and the upcoming Ramadan. In the same period, inflation on non-food items rose by 0.57% to stand at 8.34%. In the wholesale and retail markets, prices of daily necessities are still very high. Price of flour has shot up by 34 to 54% and edible oil (soybean) by 43 to 61% in the last 12 months.

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