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Volume 3 Issue 2 | February 2008



Original Forum Editorial

Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Of food and fuel-- Jyoti Rahman
Wanted: Open minds--Asif Saleh
Myth vs. Reality-- Ahsan Mansur
National security: The democratic model--Mashuqur Rahman and Sikder Haseeb Khan
Photo Feature -- Someone left behind --Koustab Sharma
Manikganj revisited-- Marty Chen
The problem with evil: Addressing 1971-- Tazreena Sajjad
Free and fair?-- Badiul Alam Majumdar
No quick fix-- Forrest Cookson
Looking West--Farid Bakht
The triple bottom line-- Irtishad Ahmad
Not for sale-- Rumi Ahmed
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Photo Feature
Someone Left Behind

A photofeature by Koustab Sharma

Manoshik pratibandhi, or mental disability, is not a disease or illness.


In Bangladesh awareness of mental disability as separate from mental illness, or manoshik rog, is relatively recent. The confusion that still exists can lead to many disabled children being neglected or ill-treated.
The number of differently abled children in Bangladesh is comparable to other developing countries, where lower socio-economic status -- poverty, malnutrition and maternal illiteracy -- can give rise to higher prevalence of children with mental disabilities.


The differently abled are difficult to identify and diagnose as birth registers and correct record of health information are not strictly maintained. Many such children are hidden or left behind, as there are few organisations that provide support services for disabled children and their parents.

Yet with simple counselling, education and special training programs, thousands of children could be helped to adjust to society and lead full and productive lives ...

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