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Volume 3 Issue 7 | July 2008



Original Forum Editorial

Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Balance of Power-- Rehman Sobhan
The Tentative Asian Tiger? --Faisal Salahuddin
Changing Times-- Samir Asaf
Can Our Shipbuilders Make It Alone?--Mahboob Ahmed
Photo Feature -- Children of the Docks --K M Asad
Environmental Blues-- Kakoli Prodhan
Kitty Hawk for India?-- JMir Mahfuz Rahman
The Puzzle of the World Economy-- Forrest Cookson
Nepal's Elections: Before and After -- Deb Mukharji
The Grandest Questions-- M. Amirul Alam and M. Zahidul Alam


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Photo Feature

Environmental Blues

A photo feature by Kakoli Prodhan

Here, it is as if the surroundings were covered with a sphere of smoke. It is Matuail, Jatrabari. All Dhaka's garbage is thrown here.

I approach Shobuj, Roni, Asad, Ashraful, Mina and Moina. They are child labourers here, collecting scraps from the stack of garbage, inhaling methane gas from rotten garbage. Shobuj asks to me, "What do you do with the picture, apa? I know you'll send them to abroad and they will shout to stop our work. We are poor apa, don't kill us by doing this. You'll earn by sending our pictures but we won't get our foods if they stop us working.”

What should I say? If I say, they have the right to live a healthy life, could they understand me? These children need help and food. Their health is at great risk. When will our country do something for the security of these children?


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