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Volume 4 Issue 12| December 2010



Original Forum Editorial

Bangladesh Holocaust of '71
--Shahriar Kabir

'Superior Responsibility': The Legal Context
--Tureen Afroz
Fairness in the War Crimes Trial
--Dr. Ridwanul Hoque
An End to Impunity
--Dr. Mizanur Rahman
A Tale of Neglect
Photo Feature: Rest In Peace
--Chandan Robert Rebeiro
My Right to Justice
--Dr. Nuzhat Choudhury
Healing the Hidden Wounds of War--Kajalie Shehreen Islam
On the Need for Closure
--Ziauddin M. Choudhury

CHT Accord: Hope and Reality
--Mangal Kumar Chakma

The Judiciary and the Media: Bridging the Gap --Mizanur Rahman Khan
How Long will Rooppur Remain Elusive? ---Dr. Abdul Matin
Of Ethics and Cricket --Mohammad Isam
Interview with Dr. MA Hasan
On Trial: War Crimes 1971


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Rest In Peace

A photo feature by Chandan Robert Rebeiro

“Remember, you are dust, And to dust you will return.” -The Bible

The Bible says, “The souls of the just are in God's hands.” No one is physically immortal; everybody will die. This is an eternal truth. This is why people wish to remain pure, above suffering, discrimination, violence and despair.

The graveyard is a boundary. The graveyard is a solitary and sacred place. At times of mourning, it is the place we seek consolation for the loss of our loved ones. According to religious/social norms, three and a half feet of deep ground is the permanent home of the dead. Within these boundaries, all are equal, regardless of their material wealth in life. When we throw soil onto the dead, we realise that the same thing will happen to us all.

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed or All Souls' Day is observed in the Catholic Church in November.



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