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Volume 3 Issue 11| November 2010



Original Forum Editorial

Bangladeshi Constitution: A Good Governance Paradigm
--Manzoor Hasan

Interview with Suranjit Sengupta Constitutional Reform: Where does the power lie?
Confusion and Controversy over Reinstitution of the "1972" Constitution
--Asif Nazrul
Multicultarising Secularism through Constitutional Recognition of Adibashis
--Devasish Roy Wangza
The Bumps and Grinds on Our Journey to Secularism--Ziauddin Choudhury
This Time for the Judiciary
--Syeed Ahamed
The Bangladesh Constitution: A restricted document framed by "copyright and ownership"
----Advocate Tanbir Siddiqui
Photo Feature: The Long Wait
--Ami Vitale
Exploring Legal Avenues to Address the Plight of Climate Victims
--M. Hafijul Islam Khan

The Courts to the Rescue
--Julfikar Ali Manik and Kajalie Shehreen Islam

Of Chaos, Confusion and our Constitution
--Shakhawat Liton

Interview with Dr. Kamal Hossain On Realising Our Constitutional Dreams


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The Long Wait

A photo feature by Ami Vitale

The effects of climate change -- river erosion, rising sea levels and sea surface temperatures which result in greater instances of low pressures in the Bay of Bengal -- have made vulnerable the lives and livelihoods of the fisher folk community in villages of Barguna district. Fish are less available and the weather and waters unpredictable, forcing the fishers to either return early, empty-handed, or to risk their boats capsizing in the volatile waters. For the families of the fisher folk community, life has become a series of anxious goodbyes while seeing off their loved ones setting out on fishing trips, and long, worrying days of waiting until their return.

Ami Vitale, internationally renowned photographer, is best known for her cultural documentation


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