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Volume 3 Issue 4 | April 2010



Original Forum Editorial

The Share Market Bubble?--Jyoti Rahman
Is the Bull Market Sustainable?-- Ahsan Mansur
Share the Wealth-- Ifty Islam
Islamic Banking Revisited-- Mahfuzur Rahman
Bursting at the Seams-- Tanwir Nawaz
Photo Feature: Pathshala- OUC Reportage Project 2010:Near land and story behind--Jannatul Mawa
Photo Feature: Pathshala- OUC Reportage Project 2010: Black Blood-- Jashim Salam

Photo Feature: Pathshala- OUC Reportage Project 2010: House Wife --Farzana Hossen


Photo Feature: Pathshala- OUC Reportage Project 2010: Life Between Signals-- Sailendra Kharel
Photo Feature: Pathshala- OUC Reportage Project 2010: Unbearable Lightness of Being--Arifur Rahman
Who is the Greatest of Them All--Rehman Sobhan
Broken Promises--Ziauddin Choudhury
Who Will Bell the Cat?--Muhammad Muinul Islam
An Ailing City--Faruq Hasan interviews Dr. M Rahmatullah
The Problem with Politics--Muslehuddin Ahmed


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Photo Feature:Pathshala- OUC Reportage Project 2010:

Black Blood

A photofeature by Jashim Salam

Advocate Nuruzzahan is the only blind female student to have studied Law from Chittagong University, although she does not practice law anymore, she is happy to work with Chittagong Computer Braille Production, where she is the Program Manager.

“I know what darkness means. In Bangladesh, it's very difficult for blind people to get an education. I personally faced several obstacles during my education. Some help us, but most simply ignore us. My parents helped us the most simply by treating us as normal human beings."

Three per cent people of Bangladesh's population are disabled. According to the World Health Organisation there are about 30 lakh disabled people in Bangladesh. “More than 70 per cent of the disability in our country is caused by marriage between relatives or same blood group of disabled parents", an officer of Chittagong Society for the Disabled says. Nuruzzahan urges couples to test their blood group before marriage. ”I don't want other families to suffer like we did."

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