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Volume 6 | Issue 08 | August 2012 |


Original Forum

Causes of RMG unrest
-- Refayet Ullah Mirdha
Who Pushes the Price up?
-- Asjadul Kibria
Padma Bridge: Dream vs reality
-- Mohammad Abdul Mazid

Self-financing Padma Bridge

-- Nofel Wahid
Unaccountability in Private Medical Services
-- Mahbuba Zannat

Medical Waste
--- Mushfique Wadud

Photo Feature

S K Enamul Haque

Abysmal state of Emergency Medical Services
-- Rashid E Mahbub

On Clinical Negligence

-- Eshita Tasmin

The Population Growth Conundrum

-- Ziauddin Chowdhury

Rohingyas and the 'Right to Have Rights'
-- Bina D' Costa
Two-State Solution: Israeli-Palestinian Peace
-- Dr Kamal Hossain
Forms of Government
-- Megasthenes

A Letter from Alghamdy and War Crimes Trial
-- Turin Afroze


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A photo feature by SK Enamul Haq

The month of Ramadan is marked not only by restraint but also by a steep rise in adulterated food items. Food adulteration is a serious crime under the Pure Food Ordinance (1959). Textile colours are added to iftari items and snacks while calcium carbide is sprayed over certain fruits to ripen them quickly. Many imported fruits such as grapes and apples are dipped in diluted formalin. Poor coordination among different government bodies is mainly responsible behind this. This photo feature by SK Enamul Haq shows that effective market monitoring may go a long way to put brakes on food adulteration.

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