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Volume 6 | Issue 09 | September 2012 |


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The Blunder Game
-- Shakhawat Liton
Why Police are more Equal in Bangladesh
-- Rifat Munim
Do we have an Independent Judiciary?
-- Dr. Zahidul Islam Biswas
The Grameen Saga: A Nation's Bank of Pride
-- Reaz Ahmad
The Rail Solution
-- Asjadul Kibria

Photo Feature

In a Different World

Popularising Science Education
-- Mohammad Kaykobad

Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

-- Susan Davis

Rape in 1971 -- an Act of Genocide

-- Buddhadeb Halder

The Madness that is Cinema
-- Kajalie Shehreen Islam
When country overwhelms city
-- Seema Nusrat Amin
Chile 1973, End of a Dream
-- Syed Badrul Ahsan


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In a Different World

A Photo Feature by Debashish Shom

In a world where identity is determined by socially fixed and acceptable norms of behaviour, autistic children have a hard time finding their place in the scheme of things. Because they communicate in an entirely different way, they are segregated from people equipped with socially accessible modes of communication. Endowed inordinately with various mental capabilities, they can also touch the sky. All they need is the attention and love that every human being deserves.

Debashish Shom teaches at Pathshala and is a freelance photographer.

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