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July 13, 2003 

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Speedy trial in higher courts

In recent time, cases, particularly sensational murder cases are being disposed off in very short time. Sony murder case, Sutrapur double murder case are example of it. As a result a good number of people have been sentenced to death over the last couple of month. This is a great achievement for the countries legal arena. This will certainly have an impact in overall law and order situation of the country. Because now people starts believe in that trial of a case can be completed within short period, if all parties concerned are sincere. In fact the decision of the government to make a list of sensational cases for their quick disposal is proving to be a positive decision. It is at least playing a role to restore the eroding people's confidence on the judiciary. But this is not enough. It is now expected of the government that they will not remain confined within the selected cases, but expand the experience to other cases too. Another important matter is execution of the verdicts. The capital punishments handed down by the Special Tribunals and other courts need approval of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court. So it is very important that these cases are settled in the higher courts in similar pace. We have seen that the Bangabandhu murder case is pending for two years in the higher court. This trend should change. The government should make necessary action to this end. They must consider increasing number of death reference in the High Court Division to dispose of the cases.
Hahizur Rahman,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka.


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