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July 27, 2003 

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Tribute to Barrister Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed

Barrister Ishtiaq Ahmed was a champion of democracy and he passed his whole life in establishing rule of law in the country. His struggled to establish democracy and his role in the caretaker government would be ever lasting in the history of Bangladesh. Moreover, he really believed in governance and he tried to separate judiciary from executive organ of the government during his working as an adviser in the last caretaker government. His dream is still unfinished though the government has promised to do it. Nonetheless ministers joined in large number to pay last tribute, but separating judiciary from executive branch would be real path to salute him.
Oli Md. Abdullah Chowdhury,
Student, Sylhet Law College.


Barrister Ishtiaq Ahmed has left for the eternal world but he has not left us at all. A man like him can never abandon us in dark. He is like the moon that disappears in one fortnight but becomes vivid in the next fortnight with its full glory. Now he is not among us physically, but his resplendent presence is always among us when we go through any important legal decision or any legal explanation. When we speak of democracy, of protection of human rights of citizens, of judicial independence, his name simply comes first. He is a name that is never forgotten; he is a personality that is never unloved. He will reign among us until the end of time.
S M Mahbubur Rahman
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

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