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November 16, 2003 

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Government's decision & our rights

We are the first non-technical four years honours graduates from autonomous university in Bangladesh. When the four-year honours graduation courses were introduced, our demand and expectation was that we would get the equivalent value of previous three years honours plus one-year masters degree. But unfortunately neither our university authority nor the government considered our demand. On the face of strong student movement in favour of our demand, Dhaka University authority decided to confirm our demand and announced that these non-technical four years honours graduations are equivalent to previous three years honours graduation plus one year masters degree. At the same time, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Establishment agreed with Dhaka University's decision in a government gazette notification in 31st July 2003 and assured us that they (the Government) will inform all relevant government, semi- government, autonomous, semi-autonomous and non-government organisation of the matter. But recent some recruitment advertisements recall us that the government commitment is not working. For example, recently Directorate of Education published an advertisement in (12th September 2003) for recruiting 600 High School Teachers and Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPCS) published another advertisement on 9th September 2003 for recruiting 344 District and Upozilla Election Officers. But both of these government organisation does not confirm government decision and fulfil our demand.

Like the government organisation, the non-government organisation decision was also same. September 1st, 2003 in the Daily Star's recruitment advertisement of The Bank Asia Ltd and 27th August 2003 in the Daily Star's recruitment advertisement of The Premier Bank Ltd were wanted Masters degree for their "Management Trainee" & "Management Trainee Officer" respectively. When the unemployment rate is increasing day by day and we the unemployed are missing different recruitment chance one after another then what will we do? To look blank to government inactive decision or again march student movement for our right!

Md.Zillur Rahaman & Kamruzzaman Masum,
MSS Economics, Bangabandhu Hall, Dhaka University.

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