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January 04, 2004 

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For a little knowledge of law
Part three of our constitution contains a very important topic which bear the evidence of our freedom i.e. freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of movement etc. It also guarantees a cluster of rights to our citizens including the right to be treated as equal before the law and ensures the enjoyment of equal protection of law. It also makes sure of our easy access to justice. Everyone irrespective of race, religion and caste has a right to get legal assistance. These are our inalienable rights and no one is empowered to take them away from us. But what is unfortunate is that more than half of our population is ignore of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are also ignore of the law of land and our legal system. While an abstract knowledge on the topics mentioned is necessary for all. In a recent workshop held on December 19, our honourable Chief Justice underscored the pitfalls including backwardness and ignorance that has kept the mass of our population away from adequate legal assistance. This is because of our so-called syllabus and fragile education system. He cautioned if the trend continues the judiciary will be in danger. Nowhere from our primary to secondary level syllabus included a chapter with a substantive knowledge on our Constitution and legal system, but the knowledge of which is imperative for every citizen. So, to make the people aware of their rights and to make the judiciary easily accessible to them, it is very important to insert a part on law into our syllabus.
Md.Kamal Hossain Meahzi,
Ll.B (Hons),University of Chittagong.

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